September 22, Wednesday 1:00 pm AEST 1 hour

eLearning Strategy for the workplace

eLearning Strategy for the workplace


Alice Shaw

eLearning expert at iSpring


1 hour

"We need to convert all our face-to-face learning to online modules?" or "How do we deliver our face-to-face programs as virtual workshops now?"

You've heard these questions or similar at least once in the last two years. In our haste to meet the demands of a remote or hybrid workplace, many of us have responded to these questions by replacing our face-to-face programs sometimes with e-learning and other times with virtual workshops.

While this may have been a point in time need in the early days of remote/hybrid learning, it is time for us to be more strategic in our approach and consider how might we strategize to ensure the learning we put out into our organizations truly impacts performance.

Organizations today have multifaceted talent needs and our employees are integral to business performance. It is our responsibility to create experiences that support these intricate performance needs in a highly digitized work environment.

This session will help you consider what is important to your organization and your employees and apply this to arrive at an e-learning strategy.

More specifically, we will collectively respond to:

  • WHY do you need to have an e-learning strategy,
  • WHAT should you include in your e-learning strategy, and
  • HOW to evaluate if it works well.

See you there!

About the presenter

Alice Shaw

Alice is an eLearning expert at iSpring who always addresses clients’ eLearning needs in a way that results in the ideal result. She’s confident that appropriate eLearning solutions will help them reach their eLearning goals and realize success quickly.

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