July 19, Tuesday 2:00 pm IST 1 hour

Customer Service Skills Training

Customer Service Skills Training


Balvinder Dhadli

Customer Success Manager


1 hour

The quality of the customer service your company provides will have a direct impact on how successful your business becomes. And that’s exactly why customer service skills training is so vital. Here are topic which will cover.

  • What Is Customer Service Training?
  • Why Is Customer Service Training Important?
  • Who Needs Customer Service Training?
  • How to Train Employees on Customer Service Online
  • Customer Service Training Tips for Engagement
If you intend to train your employees on how to deal with customers and need some tips on how to plan out, create, and distribute your training, then look no further. This webinar covers all the essential information you’ll need to launch an effective and engaging learning experience.

About the presenter

Balvinder Dhadli

Balvinder is an e-learning expert at iSpring who always dives deep into client’s needs to find the best possible solution. He has a great deal of experience working with multinational organizations from different Industries. He is confident that an appropriate e-learning solution will help them reach their e-learning goals and realize success quickly.

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