Adding video to your course: When to use PPT or iSpring features

Video is a super powerful type of content, and it would be a sin not to use it in your eLearning projects! iSpring’s capabilities for video creation and editing are extremely impressive, but are you aware of the video features that PowerPoint itself has to offer? And do you know when it may be best to simply use PPT, and when you need to bring in the power of iSpring?

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June 13, Thursday

12:00 pm

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Adding video to your course



1 hour

We’ll delve deeper into this topic at this webinar with Mark Simon, a professional who has 25+ years of experience in eLearning.

The topics covered include:

  • A comparison of the video features in PowerPoint and iSpring Suite 9
  • When it’s better to use each tool for adding and editing videos
  • What are the other tools that may be of use for video editing
  • … and more.

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