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Create Vocabulary Quizzes and Courses

Create interactive vocabulary, grammar, and listening quizzes, share them with students, and easily track their results.

Assess learners’ knowledge precisely

Create various language tests using 23 types of questions: multiple choice, word bank, matching, drag-and-drop, hotspot, and more. Take advantage of a flexible scoring system, for example: assign points and penalties, set a passing score, and evaluate each group of questions separately.

Add images

Enhance questions and answers in your vocabulary quiz with compelling images that will help your students remember new words faster.

Insert video

Add educational videos to quiz questions to engage your learners, illustrate complex vocabulary, or illustrate some common speaking situations.

Use drag-and-drop

Include drag-and-drop questions to your vocabulary quizzes to make them more interactive and captivating for the audience.

Give feedback

Provide feedback for each question to explain mistakes or praise a student for a correct answer. Add audio or images to feedback messages.

Add audio

Add or record audio for some of your questions to help students practice listening comprehension skills or improve pronunciation.

Insert info slides

Add info slides to explain correct answers or insert an introductory slide to let students repeat new vocabulary before taking a test.

iSpring Suite. More than just interactive quizzes.

With iSpring, you can create both tests and fully-featured interactive courses

Easily create language courses
Creating a course with iSpring is as easy as ABC. You can easily develop a grammar course, an academic writing textbook, or a course on conversational skills. Just take a PowerPoint presentation, add quizzes and interactions, and publish it online.
Practice speaking vocabulary with simulations
Create dialogue simulations with characters to help students improve their conversation skills and learn colloquial phrases for everyday communication. You can add voice over to make dialogues more realistic.
Create video lectures on complex topics
Support your course with video lectures or short talking-head tutorials to explain a complex concept in detail. You can edit videos right in iSpring Suite and easily synchronize video with your PowerPoint slides.
Launch mobile assessment effortlessly
Students can take your tests and courses from any device: laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They can learn not only in the classroom, but anywhere they prefer: at home, in a cafe, or on their way to class - even when offline.
Upload courses and quizzes to your LMS
iSpring-made courses are compatible with any LMS and support SCORM 1.2 and 2004, AICC, xAPI, Blackboard 9.x, and cmi5. You will get detailed reports in your LMS or by email and see how well your students perform.
Share courses online with a minimum of fuss
If you don’t have an LMS, iSpring Space is the easiest way to share courses with students. Just upload a course and get a link that you can share on social media or via email. You can also embed a course on your website.

Start creating vocabulary quizzes and courses today

Enjoy the full functionality with a free 14-day trial. Create your first course with iSpring Suite!

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