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Develop engaging and effective quizzes with images, audio files, branching scenarios
and customizable feedback messages to help your students quickly learn vocabulary.

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iSpring quizzes are a great way to check and reinforce
the learning children do at school.
Gayathri Sethuraman

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Add images to questions or answers of your
vocabulary quiz. The inserted pictures will make it
easier for your students to identify foreign words.


Insert a video file to illustrate some of the foreign
words from your vocabulary course. Alternatively,
you can insert a Flash file.


Record audio fragments for some of your questions
to help your students improve the comprehension
skills or practice their pronounciation.

Drag and drop

Include some drag-and-drop questions into your
vocabulary quizzes to make them interactive and
engaging for your students.

Individual Feedback

Create a specific feedback messages for each question
of your vocabulary quiz. It allows you to prompt the
correct answer and encourage students to move on.

Info Slide

Provide additional info for each question
or create an introduction slide, where students
can revise vocabulary before taking the quiz.

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How to Create Quiz

Create a question of the required category

All question categories can be easily accessed on iSpring QuizMaker's toolbar.
For example, let's create a "Matching" question.

Add several answer options

In our "Matching" question, student will have to connect words on the right
with their pictures on the left.

Insert images into answer options

Clicking on the icon of a picture allows you to quickly add images
to all answer options.

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