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GyrusAim LMS and iSpring Suite Compatibility

iSpring Suite fully supports the most popular LMS content standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI (Tin Can), and cmi5. We thoroughly tested which of these standards are supported by GyrusAim LMS. Please find below a summary of how GyrusAim LMS works with iSpring content.

GyrusAim works as the core learning management system that provides instructor-led training, eLearning, assessments, virtual classrooms, evaluations, gap analysis, management tools, and many other features.

GyrusAim shows training progress on easy-to-understand Individual development plans and dashboards. Managers have the ability to quickly access training records at organizational, job, certification, or employee levels thus simplifying training planning and analysis. Efficiency is high because of logical grouping of menus via a clean and uncluttered user interface which easily leads users to their intended function.

GyrusAim is an adaptable and complete out-of-the-box LMS solution with the key features required to eliminate the complexity of purchasing additional software from third-party vendors.

GyrusAim is compliant with the latest xAPI standard which creates the foundation for many exciting features in the future such as gamification, simulations, tracking offline learning, and more. SCORM is the most widely used eLearning standard, thus most likely existing content does not have be swapped out when GyrusAim is implemented.

Compatibility with iSpring

iSpring format Level of support
SCORM 1.2 Excellent
SCORM 2004 Excellent
AICC Excellent
xAPI Excellent

Based on our customers' surveys, their experience, and tests conducted with the Emtrain specialists, we are glad to report how eLearning courses communicate with the LMS:

Additional Features Level of Support
Resume Feature Excellent
Mobile friendly (HTML5 support) Excellent
Detailed reports Excellent


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