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BizLibrary LMS and iSpring Suite Compatibility

iSpring Suite fully supports the most popular LMS content standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI (Tin Can), and cmi5. We thoroughly tested which of these standards are supported by BizLibrary LMS. Please find below a summary of how BizLibrary LMS works with iSpring content.

Whether you are looking to deploy off-the-shelf video content, upload custom content, manage classroom training and certifications, or all of the above, BizLibrary has a solution for you.

BizLibrary is a ready learning environment that combines a Web-based learning management system (LMS) with an extensive collection of over 10,000 pre-made eLearning courses. These courses cover training needs for things like diversity training, compliance training and a variety of other core training needs.

BizLibrary also uses each learner’s custom profile and topic preferences to provide and recommend specific courses they should take. Certification management and classroom management (both in-person and virtual) are available, along with options to set courses as required learning or open to self-enrollment.

Compatibility with iSpring

iSpring format Level of support
SCORM 1.2 Excellent*

* - 3rd party content only works in certain levels of the LMS which is not available through a trial. Those levels are Content Management and Learning Management (Full LMS). Please contact the LMS vendor for getting more information.

Based on our customers' surveys and their experience, we are glad to report how eLearning courses communicate with the LMS:

Additional Features Level of Support
Resume Feature Excellent
Mobile friendly (HTML5 support) Excellent


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