iSpring Suite

Fully-stocked eLearning authoring toolkit for PowerPoint

Build [196.53 MB]
iSpring QuizMaker

Industry leading tool for creating interactive quizzes.

Build [100.87 MB]
iSpring Converter Pro

PowerPoint to Flash, HTML5, and MP4 video converter.

Build [110.92 MB]
iSpring TalkMaster

Conversation simulations for business and education.

Build [96.14 MB]
iSpring Cam Pro

Video and screen capture software for eLearning.

Build [30.84 MB]
iSpring Flip

E-Learning courses from Word, PDF and PowerPoint.

Build [70.66 MB]
iSpring River

Intuitive and accurate PowerPoint to YouTube converter.

Build [19.93 MB]

Professional Cloud Hosting & Premium LMS

iSpring Learn

Cloud-based LMS fully integrated with iSpring Suite

iSpring Cloud

Secure storage & instant sharing service for presentations and more.

Software for Professional Developers

iSpring SDK

PPT to Flash development kit for your online richmedia solution.

Build [45.60 MB]
iSpring Suite DX

iSpring Suite plus API lets you embed PPTs and control playback.

Build [199.77 MB]