Dialogue tree

A dialogue simulation in iSpring TalkMaster consists of linked scenes arranged in a tree structure. The learners go through scenes depending on their reply choices.

How it works Dialogue tree

Use the drag-n-drop editor

With the convenient drag-n-drop editor, you can create and link dialogue scenes in a snap.

Group scenes by colors

Apply different colors to groups of related scenes to create clear visual organization of your scenario. For example, you can color "wrong" options red.

Scenario Markup

TalkMaster automatically marks scenes that deserve special attention: starting scene, scene with unlinked replies, scored scene.

Zoom the work area

Zooming out will allow you to overview the structure of your scenario, while zooming in will let you work with scenes in detail.

Scene customization

iSpring TalkMaster provides you with two scene types that perform various roles.

Conversation scene

A conversation scene consists of the character′s speech and reply options, each linked to a different following scene.

Feedback scene

A feedback scene gives learners feedback on the reply option they′ve chosen in a previous scene.

Character library

iSpring TalkMaster provides you with a set of character photos to model dialogues in different contexts: business, medicine, manufacturing, and more.

How it works Character library


Each character can express different emotions depending on student replies. You can choose appropriate emotions for each scene.


Location gallery

You can choose a suitable background to model a desired communication context. The gallery contains more than 60 various locations: office, showroom, library, reception area, and many more.

How it works Location gallery

Custom characters and locations

In addition to using the built-in library, you can upload custom characters and backgrounds. This allows you to create any communication environment.

How it works Custom characters and locations


Enhance character speech and feedback messages with hyperlinks to useful resources.



The editor can automatically check spelling: it underlines errors and suggests possible corrections.


Audio narration

To make dialogues simulations truly lifelike, you can record or import voice overs for character speech, reply choices and feedback messages.

Record voice overs

With iSpring TalkMaster, you can record audio narrations to make dialogues truly lifelike. Use the convenient script panel to record voice overs for the character(s) and reply options. If desired, you can even provide information slides with audio too.

How it works Voice recording

Import narrations

You can add pre-recorded audio narrations to your dialogue simulations. Upload one audio file at a time, or bulk import narrations for several lines at once.

Export dialogue script

You can export the script to a printable file. The document will contain all dialogue lines along with the corresponding character emotions and file names.

Voice tuning

Fine-tune narrations

All audio narrations can be easily polished with the built-in audio editor. This tool allows you to remove background noise, trim a narration, adjust volume, and much more.


To evaluate your students’ communication skills precisely, set points or penalties for each reply choice in each scene. As the learners go through a dialogue, they collect or lose points on scenes, and the final score shows the overall level of their performance.


Detailed completion report

A completion report shows the final scores and all reply choices, so an instructor can trace which path a learner took through a dialogue.

Send Results to Learners’ Emails

Set your simulations to automatically inform learners about their assessment results, so that they are always aware of their progress and know which weak areas to address.

Send to your Email or Server

You can also have the reports sent to your email, or to a server (in XML format).

Reports in LMS

Upload a simulation to your LMS, and easily collect and track the dialogue results.

Player customization

Player customization

Choose color scheme

Take advantage of several preset color schemes, or create your own. For example, you can apply your corporate colors.

Edit text labels

You can change the text labels of the player's buttons and messages. It's also possible to choose one of the 7 language presets.

Dialogue publishing

Dialogue publishing

Deliver on all devices

Publish your dialogues to HTML5 and Flash for easy online sharing. Your dialogue simulations will perfectly adapt to any device and screen size.

Store and share on iSpring Cloud

Upload your dialogue simulations to iSpring Cloud in one click. You′ll be able to store your dialogues online and share them via a short link or embed into your website.

Publish to your LMS

You can easily publish created dialogue simulations to your LMS. iSpring TalkMaster supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, BlackBoard 9.x, cmi5, and xAPI standards.