Is it possible to create a non-graded quiz/survey?

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Yes, a non-graded quiz can be created with iSpring QuizMaker version 6. The non-graded quiz type in QuizMaker is designated as "Survey" as it is usually used for the creation of questionnaires and surveys.

    1. The easiest way to create survey is to simply open iSpring QuizMaker or press the "Create a new quiz" button in the menu. Here you can choose "Survey" in the QuizMaker Start window that will appear. Now you can easily access all 12 survey question types on the ribbon. Just choose the necessary question type and click on it to start creating your quiz.
Create Flash survey with iSpring QuizMaker
  1. If you have already created a new graded quiz but didn't add graded questions yet, you can always switch to survey mode using iSpring QuizMaker Settings.
Switch between survey and quiz in QuizMaker

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