How to deactivate iSpring products?

If you are completely uninstalling iSpring from your computer, the program will ask you if you would like to deactivate the license. In case you would like to keep iSpring installed in your system, but at the same time you want to deactivate it, here is an instruction on how to do it manually.

In order to deactivate your iSpring product please follow a few simple steps:

  1. Make sure that your Microsoft PowerPoint is closed.
  2. Go to your Program Files and find the iSpring folder.
  3. In the iSpring folder choose the folder that has the name of the product you’d like to deactivate. (e.g. “Pro 6”)
  4. In the product folder, look for the file called Deactivation.exe and you will see the iSpring Deactivation window. This is what it looks like for iSpring Presenter:

For other iSpring products, it will be the same window, except for the product name will be different.

5.  Click Deactivate my license, and once your license is deactivated, you will see a notice of successful deactivation that displays the number of activations left out of the number of activations available for your license. In the following example the message states that there are 4 activations left out of 10, and 6 activations are being used on other computers:

6.  Click OK to finish.

Now if you go back to your iSpring panel, you will see that the Activate button has appeared there, which indicates that your iSpring license is currently deactivated on this computer.