iSpring Learn LMS Introduces Learning Tracks, a More Intelligent Way to Automate Training

by Nadya Spellman

Community Manager

On February 13, 2020

Alexandria, VA — February 15, 2020 — iSpring Solutions Inc., a world-renowned vendor of eLearning software, announced an important update of iSpring Learn LMS. The new feature, Learning Tracks, allows you to create and automate long-term training programs and streamlines learners’ experience with them.

iSpring Learn is a powerful award-winning learning management system that is so straightforward you can literally launch a full-fledged eLearning project in one day. With automation at its core, iSpring Learn handles most of admin’s everyday routines.

The Learning Track is yet another option that allows admins to plan, organize, and automate corporate training quickly and frees them from hands-on involvement in managing enrollments.

When a company starts long-term training programs that last up to a year, it takes HR and eLearning specialists a lot of effort to plan, prepare, and schedule such training. iSpring Learn eliminates the need to manually assign users to each new step of the program, set due dates, and track progress. Admins only need to unify multiple courses into а learning track and set the rules. The LMS takes care of the rest: it automatically enrolls appropriate learners to a program, calculates individual deadlines, and ensures a steady learning pace.

From the learner’s perspective, a learning track is a clear, uninterrupted flow of training materials. Thanks to meaningful, engaging visualization, users are always aware of where they are in the curriculum, what to do next, and how much they still need to achieve. It organizes and motivates learners and also lets them predict and plan their activities effectively.

“In serious training, companies often have to establish long-running curriculums, i.e. to develop employees from a talent pool or prepare specialists for a strict certification program,” says Slava Uskov, VP of Product Development at iSpring. “In such cases, numerous standalone courses are difficult to manage, and learners who are unable to see an overall picture often get overwhelmed and frustrated. The new feature in iSpring Learn addresses this issue: it creates well-structured learning tracks and stages, and serves training modules to learners on a comfortable individual schedule. We’ve carried the simplicity through every aspect of our LMS, so setting up automated learning tracks is easy even for a non tech-savvy person”.

Pricing and Availability

iSpring Learn LMS is a cloud-based eLearning platform available by subscription. To check the subscription plans, please visit the iSpring Learn official website:

The fully-functional trial for iSpring Learn is free for 14 days. You can sign up for a trial here:

About iSpring Solutions

iSpring is a global leader in creating award-winning software for eLearning. Since 2001, iSpring Solutions, Inc. has helped thousands of businesses worldwide to advance their corporate training and spread best business practices. iSpring is recognized for its beautifully engineered products and exceptional service.
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