iSpring 8.7: Third Big Release in 12 Months

by Nadya Spellman

Community Manager

On March 01, 2017

Alexandria, VA — March 1, 2017. — iSpring Solutions Inc., a global leader in e-Learning software and services development, today announced the launch of its newest product line.

iSpring Suite 8.7, the fully-stocked authoring toolkit, features two completely new tools to significantly speed up the process of content development.

“iSpring releases new important upgrades several times a year to provide customers with the newest, the most innovative software for fast e-Learning development,” says Yury Uskov, iSpring CEO and founder. “Today’s release is the third one within the last 12 months. Each iSpring update is a milestone, and introduces new tools and major features, not only minor refinements.”

Two Powerful Tools Added to Spring Suite 8.7

Research on how iSpring customers interact with iSpring Suite reveals that the most frequent usage scenario is where educators convert pre-existing materials, e.g., textbooks, manuals, lecture summaries, or documentation, into web-friendly formats. The majority of companies and educational establishments already have all the necessary textual, visual, and media content, as well as their own prescribed teaching strategies and techniques. That is why their main task is to consolidate all the existing materials into an e-Learning course rather than design it from scratch.

iSpring Suite 8.7 targets this kind of task and helps educators rapidly convert the company’s knowledge into engaging professional e-Learning courses which are easy to access from any mobile and desktop devices.

Productivity boost with iSpring Content Library

The iSpring Suite Content Library is a vast library of assets specially designed for course creators. It includes 115 photographic characters, 8 course templates, 230 background images, and 600 objects. These elements help you build a course in a fraction of the time and wrap it in the attractive style of your choice using professionally-designed templates and graphic objects.

The iSpring Content Library includes all components a course creator may need: contents and navigation pages, title slides, timelines, presenters’ pages, etc., all customizable. Course creators just select the slides they need, join them together in a lego-like manner, and populate slides with texts, images, and media. Ready-to-use layouts and components allow building courses in minimal time.

Photographic characters help you involve your learners, increase their participation, and communicate with them on a more personal level. Each character has over 400 expressions and poses, and can act as a virtual teacher, a trainer, or a course guide. With iSpring’s cut-out characters, educators can simulate various types of situations and scenarios.

Graphic objects (icons, navigation buttons, stickers, office supplies, mobile devices) help learners to navigate between slides or focus their attention on certain topics. All graphic objects have a cohesive design which makes courses look professional and neat.

E-Learning longreads made fast with iSpring Flip

iSpring Suite 8.7 introduces iSpring Flip, the completely new tool which instantly transforms Word, PDF, and PowerPoint files into interactive e-books with animated flipping pages. E-books are in HTML5 format, and compliant with all modern e-Learning standards: SCORM, AICC, xAPI (Tin Can API). These materials can be uploaded to a learning management system (LMS), and educators can receive LMS reports on users’ activity, e.g. how many pages of an e-book have been viewed and by whom.

Fast and precise knowledge evaluation

Scoring in iSpring TalkMaster, the dialogue simulation tool within iSpring Suite, has been considerably enhanced. The older version of iSpring TalkMaster allowed to award points for final scenes only; thus, educators couldn't evaluate how well students performed on the previous scenes of an assessment. With iSpring TalkMaster 8.7, a course creator can assign points for each reply choice on each scene. Also, there is an option to give penalty points for incorrect replies. As the learners go through a dialog, they collect or lose points on each scene, and the final cumulative score precisely indicates their level of performance.

With iSpring QuizMaker 8.7, educators can pursue multiple goals within a single quiz. If quiz questions are split into groups according to their topics or level of complexity, educators can score each group separately.

Even better support of PowerPoint effects

iSpring continues to advance its industry-leading PowerPoint-to-HTML5 conversion technology. iSpring-produced HTML5 presentations mimic the original PowerPoint behavior exactly: when a viewer revisits a slide, animations and triggers do not roll back to their initial state, but retain the state where the viewer left off. The option to save the animation state can be turned off.

Pricing and Availability

iSpring Suite 8.7 is available for download direct from the iSpring Solutions website in 7 languages. The price of iSpring Suite is $697. Existing customers can upgrade with a discount. An iSpring Suite license covers one year of free major and minor upgrades, and free expert technical support provided via phone or email.

The iSpring Content Library is available by subscription. The iSpring Suite 8.7 license covers only a limited set of characters, templates, and objects.

iSpring offers its products at special prices for academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies and employees. Detailed pricing can be found at the iSpring website.

About iSpring Solutions, Inc.

Since 2005, iSpring Solutions, Inc. has been creating high-end software tools for e-Learning and m-Learning authoring. iSpring is recognized for its well-engineered products and exceptional technical support available over the phone. More than 40,000 customers from 155 countries choose iSpring for its reliability and high performance. The customer list includes 148 of the Fortune 500 companies, plus government agencies and educational institutions worldwide: Google, Sony, Tesla, Amazon, Boeing, Dell, Nike, United Airlines, Starbucks,, MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Berkeley Universities. For more information, visit the official website at

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