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iSpring Suite 8.5: A New Boost to the eLearning Supercharger

by Lucy Larson

Community Manager

On November 09, 2016

Alexandria, VA. November 9, 2016 — iSpring Solutions Inc., an international e-Learning software vendor, today announced the release of iSpring Suite 8.5. iSpring Solutions assertively reinforces its spearhead product, and version 8.5 is the third update introduced in 2016. iSpring Suite 8.5 is the fully-stocked toolkit for creating courses, quizzes, conversation simulations and video lectures right in PowerPoint, all of these allowing flawless integration with LMSs thanks to the extended support of e-Learning standards.

20,000 iSpring Suite users already enjoy the advantage of precise HTML5 output which plays perfectly on all mobile and desktop devices. And iSpring breaks new ground by offering the option to produce next-level mobile courses which can be tracked in LMSs at a profound level: iSpring Suite is the first PowerPoint-based authoring tool which supports cmi5, the latest and most innovative protocol for mobile learning recently introduced by ADL.

“Cmi5 is supposed to replace SCORM, which doesn’t allow you to deliver both online and offline learning on mobile devices. With SCORM, students are tied to an LMS,” says Slava Uskov, VP of Product Development at iSpring Solutions. “The new cmi5 works on-top of xAPI, which can track learners’ activity outside an LMS, even offline, and extends it to collect and analyze data the way the SCORM-based LMSs do. Thus, students can learn on the go, and educators can receive detailed and easy-to-use reports.”

Intensified Training and Assessment Options

Enhanced Simulations. iSpring TalkMaster, a conversation simulator and a part of iSpring Suite, was intensively boosted. Simulations created with iSpring Suite 8.5 allow you to track all the activities and choices of learners, not only the final score, and analyze their whole path through a dialogue. This tracking is available via LMS, or, alternatively, results can be sent to an email or to a server. With the latest version educators can add links to direct learners to tutorials, instructions, video materials. Plus, a spell checker ensures texts in simulations are accurate and misprint-free.

PowerPoint Morph Transition Support. iSpring is known for its unparalleled PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion technology and quick support of new features Microsoft adds to their tool. Currently iSpring supports 97% of PowerPoint effects. Once again, iSpring has made a great step to outrun the competition and now supports Morph, one of the most amazing and most complex transition effects of PowerPoint. This transition allows you to create eye-catching demonstrations almost on the level of professional visual effects software, and it will be precisely transformed to a web-friendly format with iSpring.

Sending Quiz Results to Quiz Takers Emails. Learners can receive their detailed scores to their emails to identify the weak points by themselves and also keep track of their progress.

Course Retake Options. Educators can restrict retaking a failed quiz unless students review the whole course. It helps to ensure learners won’t simply rush through checkboxes once again but carefully study the material.

Pricing and Availability

iSpring Suite 8.5 is available for downloading direct from the iSpring Solutions website in 7 languages. The price of iSpring Suite is $697. Existing customers can upgrade with a discount.

The components of iSpring Suite can be purchased separately; e.g., PPT to HTML5 and Flash conversion software, iSpring Converter Pro, can be purchased at $297, and iSpring TalkMaster is available at $497. The detailed pricing can be found at the iSpring website:

About iSpring Solutions, Inc.

Since 2005, iSpring Solutions, Inc. has been creating high-end software tools for e-Learning and m-Learning authoring. iSpring is recognized for its well-engineered products and exceptional technical support available over the phone. More than 40,000 customers from 155 countries choose iSpring for its reliability and high performance. The customer list includes 148 of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and educational institutions worldwide: Google, Sony, Tesla, Amazon, Boeing, Dell, Nike, United Airlines, Starbucks,, MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Berkeley Universities. For more information, visit the official website at

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