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FlashSpring (now iSpring) Makes a Breakthrough in PowerPoint to Flash Conversion

by Lucy Larson

Community Manager

On January 25, 2007

PowerPoint to Flash conversion tools are becoming more and more popular. Many people who deal with presentations in the worlds of education, business, entertainment, etc. have already appreciated their true value. After being converted to the compact and portable Flash format, a PowerPoint presentation can be published to the web and viewed online through any Internet browser.

Alexandria, VA, January 25, 2007 - Any expert in Flash would say that the task of correctly transforming a PowerPoint presentation into a Flash movie is quite difficult and requires complex processing for every element to keep original appearance and position in a Flash movie. High quality conversion means retaining animations, transitions, multimedia and interactive elements.

Today, most of the PowerPoint to Flash converters use a mix of web technologies that produce a set of Flash and HTML files from a PowerPoint presentation. They apply a special player that controls the playback to make these files look like a movie. This approach does not quite work if you want to send such a presentation via email or publish it on the web. After receiving a zipped set of files, a user may get confused and not know which one to open in order to view the presentation.

FlashSpring (now iSpring) can make one solid Flash file from a PowerPoint presentation, which allows you to use all of the advantages of Flash format. This single Flash file can be easily sent via email. It will be displayed directly in an email or opened in a full screen mode with a couple of clicks. It is much easier to show your presentation online as you will only need to upload one compact file to the web. Produced with FlashSpring (now iSpring), the Flash file will include every detail of your presentation – audio, video, embedded Flash clips and pictures of all formats. Most importantly, the quality of PowerPoint shapes is kept completely crisp. Scaled-down Flash movies won’t lose their original quality either. Profound testing has shown that FlashSpring (now iSpring) is so far the champion in conversion speed. Besides, FlashSpring 2.0 is able to process huge presentations with more than 500 slides.

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