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iSpring Suite Wins Brandon​ ​Hall Group​ ​Gold​ ​Award​ ​for​ ​Excellence​ in Technology

by Lucy Larson

Community Manager

On December 20, 2016

Alexandria, VA. December 20, 2016. — ​​iSpring Solutions, Inc., a​ ​global leader​ ​in​ ​e-Learning software technologies,​ ​won​ ​a Brandon​ ​Hall Group​ ​Gold​ ​Award​ ​for​ ​Excellence​ ​in​ ​the​ Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology category.​ iSpring's​ ​​win​ ​was​ ​announced​ ​on​ December 15, 2016.​

iSpring Suite 8.5, the award-winning toolkit, is a full-featured authoring solution for fast development of e-Learning materials. iSpring Suite helps educators create adaptive mobile ready content: e-courses, tests and surveys, video lectures, conversation simulations, screencasts and interactions. Perfect playback on all modern mobile and desktop devices is ensured by the HTML5 technology pioneered for e-Learning by iSpring since 2013.

Customers reviews indicate that iSpring Suite seriously boosts e-Learning developers’ productivity. They see up to 25 percent reduction in time spent for course creation, and this figure grows up to 80 percent when it comes to building interactive content. Course creation takes minimal time as iSpring Suite is easy to master, offers all the necessary options within one tool, and allows educators to use preexisting PowerPoint materials as a course base.

This is the third time the iSpring authoring toolkit has won the Brandon Hall Group Gold Award in Content Authoring Technology. The innovative approach and technological excellence of the software was previously honored by the Brandon Hall Group experts in 2010 and 2013.

"The repeated recognition of iSpring Suite by the Brandon Hall judges panel is an exceptional achievement for iSpring. Receiving this prestigious award validates our commitment to quality and innovation," said iSpring Solutions CEO and Founder Yury Uskov. "We work hard each and every day to provide the best possible experience to over 40,000 educators worldwide, as well as to millions of their learners. We will continue doing our best to provide fast and easy-to-use instruments at the award-winning level."

"We congratulate our Technology Award winners, and also thank them for leading the way in designing and utilizing technologies that empower organizations to enhance — and in some cases transform — their organizations," said Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer of the Brandon Hall Group and head of the awards program. "Our research shows that technology is a primary driver of innovation, and our award-winning organizations serve as models of success."

"Another significant finding of our research is the importance of optimizing the employee experience as a driver of engagement and retention," said Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke. "The technology user experience plays an increasingly large role in shaping the employee experience, and these award winners​ ​are​ ​creating​ ​leading​ ​practices​ ​that​ ​deserve​ ​validation​ ​and​ ​recognition."

A panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, and Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executives evaluated the entries based upon the ​criteria of how innovative, useful and unique the product is, and what the measurable results of using the product are. iSpring Suite, in meeting all the highest requirements, confirms its reputation for being the perfectly-engineered software for e-Learning authoring.

About​ ​iSpring Solutions, Inc.

iSpring Solutions is an international software company that provides professional e-Learning authoring tools used by over 13,000 companies and 1,500 educational institutions worldwide. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Alexandria, VA, iSpring is committed to developing high-quality, affordable desktop and web-based solutions for e-Learning and content creation. For more information, visit the official website at

About​ ​Brandon​ ​Hall​ ​Group,​ ​Inc.

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