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UAT: “With iSpring, we jointly developed an LMS that meets the highest requirements of international aviation authorities”

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Universal Aviation Training

Universal Aviation Training (UAT) is based in Malta and offers a unique training system for airlines, approved training organizations, and individual pilots who operate according to the regulations of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, the International Civil Aviation Organization, and Transport Canada.

This is a success story of UAT’s cooperation with the iSpring Development Team, which goes the extra mile in meeting customers’ requests and tailoring iSpring products to business needs perfectly.


We approached iSpring to help us develop a unique, customizable, state-of-the-art training system that meets the requirements of the International Aviation Authorities. 

The iSpring Development Team did not hesitate to join forces with UAT to include aviation-specific functionality in the iSpring Learn LMS in order to create a high-end learning management system that ensures full aviation compliance. 

The Challenge – Adapting the iSpring Learn LMS to an Aviation compliant LMS

The one major element that didn’t cater to us in iSpring Learn was the 90-day re-enrollment rule applied to all aviation courses. These rules are complicated because the course re-enrollment date, course completion date, and the course expiry date applied to each pilot, and a course assigned to the pilot must be applied accurately.

Any deviation from this can result in a pilot being grounded. This has a cost implication, should the aircraft not be allowed to take off on schedule.

We understood that our request affected the core design of the iSpring Learn LMS as user enrollments were at the heart of the system, and adding functionality to this area would be a major project.

The Solution – Developing a Custom Re-enrollment Feature in iSpring Learn

iSpring nevertheless accepted the challenge and rose to the occasion by producing an adapted LMS that meets all our requirements. The iSpring Development Team was absolutely magnificent and professional in their understanding of the re-enrollment rules and how the current re-enrollment rules could be adapted to cater to the requirements.

iSpring always goes the extra mile.

Juan Stoltz

Director at Universal Aviation Training

The project went through the standard development cycle in record time, as iSpring understood the importance of this project to UAT.

As a result, the development of additional features and the configuration of the Application Programming Interface (API) made pilot training and compliance information accessible to external pilot management systems and ensured the timely preparation of the pilots with no delays.