image/svg+xml image/svg+xml image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml iSpring Suite 9.0: What's newiSpring Suite 9.0: What's newiSpring Suite 9.0: What's newiSpring Suite 9.0: What's newiSpring Suite 9.0: What's newiSpring Suite 9.0: What's newiSpring Suite 9.0: What's newiSpring Suite 9.0: What's new

Watch-and-repeat video courses

iSpring Suite’s built-in screencast editor has been transformed into a professional video editing studio. With the new version, you can create professional video courses, even without any editing skills.

“Picture-in-picture” and switching between video sources

Now you can record two videos at the same time: the screencast and the presenter video from a webcam. You can show both videos together, or switch between them.

Visual cues

iSpring Suite detects when you use shortcuts, enter text, or click, and automatically displays tooltips for these actions. You can show your employees how to use software, explain the meaning of options and buttons, and teach them to use keyboard shortcuts.

Title screen and insets with information

Open your lesson with a bright title screen, or add infographics at any point of your video course. You can upload images or create graphs, annotations, and captions right in the video editor.

Smooth transitions between slides

Smooth out the transitions between videos, info slides and photos. You can adjust transition effects to make the images ripple into videos, and videos smoothly flow back into images.

Learn more about the new video editing studio

Interactive diagrams, processes, catalogues, and 9 more ways to present information

The new iSpring Suite features 12 interactions tailored to achieve different learning objectives. For example, you can show the stages of a product development process, illustrate a transaction cycle, or present your company history on a timeline.

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Quizzes and assessments with grouping elements

Create quizzes with grouping and sorting — with such activities, you can assess not only employees’ knowledge, but also their professional skills. For example, you can ask your students to place merchandise on the right shelves in the store, or to properly set a table, or to choose the correct tools for the job.

In addition, in version 9.0 we have made the quiz maker interface even more comfortable and easy to use:

Designing questions
To design your questions, you can use multiple text boxes, images and videos, and arrange them the way you want. Experiment with different layouts and design info slides, surveys, and result slides.

Formatting text and images
The new iSpring Suite allows you to add subscripts and superscripts, and adjust effects for images and shapes: opacity, shadow, outline and fill — just as easily as in PowerPoint or Word.

Creating quizzes with formulas
Quickly build math, physics and chemistry quizzes with iSpring’s new formula editor. In just one click, you can add a square root, power, fraction, or other symbol to your questions.

Adding quiz instructions
You can add brief instructions at the very beginning of your quiz to help your students achieve the best results. For example, you can explain what sections are included, how many attempts and how much time they have, and what the passing score is.

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How to get iSpring Suite 9.0

All iSpring Suite users who have an active maintenance plan will get a free upgrade to iSpring Suite 9.0. Contact us to get information about the duration of your plan.

You can also take part in iSpring Suite 9.0 beta testing. Be among the first to try the amazing new features of iSpring Suite!

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