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Drone Class: “With iSpring, we’ve expanded beyond the national market and thrived”

Drone Class success story

This is a continuation of the success story of Drone Class, a top-rated drone operator online school in the Netherlands. You can read the first part here

Back in 2019, iSpring software helped the company deliver affordable and accessible training for all categories of soon-to-be drone operators, achieve great customer satisfaction with courses, and realize an impressive 95% pass rate on the national exam. Then, Drone Class planned to expand operations and break into the European market with EU Drone License preparation services. 

In the second part of their success story, you’ll find out how Drone Class keeps exploring the potential of iSpring software and leverages it for growth and prosperity.

Sem van Geffen, Co-founder of Drone Class

The new beginning 

It’s been 4 years since we shared our story of using iSpring Suite and iSpring Learn for drone training in the Netherlands. During this period, the world has gone through the pandemic and experienced a subsequent digital transformation of work and learning. 

That was a turning point for us because COVID-19 made everyone rely heavily on online learning – and that was exactly what we had anticipated. Seeing that potential of scaling up through online learning early, we decided to translate our courses into different languages (English, German, Italian, etc.) and prepare for market expansion.

The new challenges and the same solution – iSpring

We realized that we could now provide online training for those who need to qualify for the EU Drone License. But to do that, we were forced to add proctored online exams due to a change in European legislation. This was difficult, to be honest, because the proctored service came from a third party and we thought we would need to build a custom app. Fortunately, however, it was possible to use iSpring’s Rest API instead, and we integrated iSpring Learn with a third-party system smoothly.

A learning track for The EU Drone License A1-A3 levels

In this regard, it should be mentioned that the iSpring team has been perfecting iSpring Suite and iSpring Learn over all these years. Although iSpring is widely praised for its excellent customer service, it is, first and foremost, a robust technology.

In our opinion, iSpring products are superior to other providers that are often more expensive for medium-sized companies and have a less well-developed UX.

Sem van Geffen

Co-founder of Drone Class

An introductory course about unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

We love both major and minor product updates and improvements that come out frequently. As for iSpring Learn, my personal favorites are the iSpring Learn mobile application for Android and iOS, the Catalog of courses, Newsfeed, and interactive pages.

 Together with the Customer Success team, we discussed several custom settings for Drone Class, like integration with Zapier and adding more options in Newsfeed. iSpring has always been very willing to talk with us and consider these kinds of improvements.

New results 

By using iSpring, we can now train and test people online to help them obtain the EU Drone License, and this resulted in a huge increase in scale. We train a lot of new customers each month, so we needed a plan that would be the best for cost reduction on our side. As a result, we ended up with iSpring Learn Business and extended the number of learners on the platform twice, most recently to 1,000 learners.  

Currently, all that we aim for is offering well-structured, effective, attractive learning content that leads to passing the online exam and a positive learning experience for our customers. And I think that iSpring does a fine job in that respect.