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Authoring Tool for Mac

Create beautiful adaptive courses in SCORM format quickly and easily, co-edit with your team, and publish to an LMS — right from your Mac.

Enjoy Authoring in the Cloud —
on Your Mac or PC

No Installation

iSpring Page is a cloud-based authoring tool. To create courses on your Mac, you just need a browser and Internet access. There are no installation files or OS compatibility issues.

Accessible from

You can open and edit your course from any computer, be it a work PC, a Mac at home, or even a tablet. All the changes you make will be saved in the cloud.

Easy to

Create a course on your Mac and invite your colleagues who are using PC to co-edit. They can easily open your course from their computer, make changes, and even export to SCORM.

Create a SCORM Course on Mac in Just One Minute

If you have your content ready in a document or website, simply copy it and paste into iSpring Page. All images, paragraph and list styles will be accurately preserved.

Set Up Course Structure

Split the content into chunks to make it easier for learners to digest the information. You can restrict the navigation so that users complete the course chapter by chapter and don’t skip anything.

Add Video and Interactive Activities

Make your course more engaging by adding pictures, infographics, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, checklists, quotes, and embedded interactive content from other sides.

Include Knowledge Checks

You can add self-revision questions here and there in the course to help learners better retain the material.

Fine-Tune Course’s Look and Feel

You can set up a color scheme that matches your corporate colors and adjust fonts for headlines and body text to make content easier to read.

Assess Learners with Quizzes

Create quizzes to check how well users have learned the material. Add Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Short Answer questions, shuffle answer choices and set time limits.

Export to SCORM for your LMS

Publish your course in the SCORM or xAPI format and upload to LMS to easily track learners’ progress. We’ve manually tested course compatibility with 156 leading LMSs.

Created on Mac with iSpring Page

Check out these elegant SCORM courses created with iSpring Page eLearning software for Mac.

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Mentoring in the Workplace

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Social Engineering: How Hackers
Steal Your Data

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Effective Start:
5 Tips for New Hires

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Basic Visual Design Principles
for Non-Designers

Adaptive Courses for All Devices

You don’t have to do the same work multiple times, tweaking your courses for different screen sizes. Courses created with iSpring Page automatically adapt to all devices: smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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