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How Do You Create a Software Simulation?

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There are plenty of ways to create a software simulation. Take a look at the pros and cons of some of them to choose the most suitable one:

1. Record a video tutorial

A video tutorial is the simplest type of the software simulation. Make a screencast of your program and record an audio narration with a description of its features. Using this kind of tutorial, anyone can learn how to use your software.

Many companies use video tutorials to demonstrate the features of their products to clients. However, this kind of video lacks interactivity. Clients can only explore the features that were covered by the author of the tutorial and aren’t able to dive deeper into what’s interesting for them.

  • + Cheap or free
  • + Quick and easy
  • - No interaction
  • - Not very effective

2. Create an interactive software simulation in PowerPoint

PowerPoint allows you to create interactive software simulations with the help of its hyperlinks and trigger animations. With iSpring Converter Pro, you can enrich your PowerPoint-based software simulation with video narration, player and multimedia.

  • + Quick and easy
  • + Interactive
  • - Requires basic knowledge of PowerPoint
  • - Has to be converted into one of the web-friendly formats

However, the listed cons are quite easy to overcome. Below we will teach you how to create an interactive software simulation in PowerPoint with iSpring Converter Pro.

3. Order a custom project at a specialized company

There are plenty of companies that make custom software simulations using professional software. If you need to quickly make a complex software simulation, you can order it in a company like this.

  • + Professional skills and software
  • + Saves time for your employees
  • - Rather costly
  • - Creating a professional simulation may take more time

Having considered these pros and cons, you can decide which path is best for you and start creating interactive software simulations now. In this article we will take a closer look at how to create software simulations in PowerPoint with the help of iSpring Converter Pro.

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