October 27, Tuesday 6:00 am EDT
Duration: 1 hour

Retail: How to improve promotion effectiveness through eLearning

Poor communication is a death sentence for a company that wants to market a promotion successfully. If it’s not your first year in retail, you’ll surely understand how important it is to have the entire team on the same page about a marketing campaign.

In this webinar, we will explain how to prepare your sales professionals, merchandisers, and other employees for the promotion through eLearning. You’ll find out how to equip your employees with all the necessary knowledge quickly and efficiently - even if you have hundreds of people on your staff - and thereby ensure your promotion runs as smoothly as possible.

In this session we will:

  • Review the challenges retailers face when launching promo campaigns and explain how to address each of them with eLearning
  • See what a typical promo presentation looks like and how to make it more effective with quizzes and dialogue simulations
  • Learn how to share promo materials with employees online
  • Summarize the benefits of implementing eLearning

At the end of the webinar, we’ll have a Q&A session where we will answer all of your questions.

Seats are limited, so it's time to save one!

Eugene Boyko
Business Development Representative at iSpring Solutions
Prior to working at iSpring, Eugene was a Brand Manager with 10-years’ experience in FMCG in the Baltic States working with Milka, OREO, Dirol, Halls, John West, St. Dalfour, Paulig Coffee, HELL energy drinks, and other world-famous brands. Starting as an agent and having grown all the way to a brand representative, he has high-level expertise in strategic marketing and sales development and knows what it means to be a performer and a leader in sales projects.
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