March 6, Tuesday 12:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour

Practical tips on how to be a top-notch e-Learning producer

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Marcelo Lewin,
e-Learning Production Manager

In this 45 minute webinar, you'll learn all about how to be a top-notch e-Learning producer.

You'll get tips and techniques to help you:

  • be organized, stay consistent, and manage your timeline
  • manage your SMEs throughout the entire production process
  • communicate clearly with your e-Learning developers
  • stay up to date on the latest tools and technologies
Marcelo Lewin
e-Learning Production Manager
Marcelo Lewin works at the intersection of e-Learning, Filmmaking and VR, managing a great team of e-Learning Developers with the goal of creating and delivering top-notch content. He's also an e-Learning creator himself, a podcaster, a filmmaker, a web developer and is currently obsessed with virtual reality, both as a gaming platform and as an exceptional training tool.

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