December 9, Wednesday 11:00 am CET 1 hour

How to Reduce Staff Turnover in Manufacturing with eLearning

How to Reduce Turnover in Manufacturing with eLearning



1 hour

Did you know that if an employee has thoughts of leaving in the first 3 weeks after employment, they will leave the company during the 1st year?

Join our webinar to see how you can revert this process by rethinking your onboarding plan!

In this webinar we will:

  • Talk about specific challenges of the onboarding process in manufacturing
  • Analyze how eLearning can address each of those challenges
  • Discuss how to automate the onboarding process with eLearning tools using actual case studies
  • Talk about staff resistance to new work dynamics and how to reduce it
  • Demonstrate how an effective approach can reduce staff turnover, saving the organization time and money

You will leave this webinar with a clear set of actions you need to take to reduce the turnover in your organization.

This webinar will be held by iSpring Customer Success Manager Xenia Kislova, who has a great deal of experience working with many large, multinational organizations from different industries, including manufacturing. Xsenia has helped these companies achieve significant results in a short period of time with iSpring solutions and her expertise.

Many manufacturing companies, such as DuPont and IKEA, have benefited from iSpring’s solutions, and your organization can as well!

Seats are limited, so make sure to book yours!

See you at the webinar!

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