March 20, Tuesday 12:00 pm EDT
Duration: 1 hour

How to launch e-Learning in your company and get results in just 2 months

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Max Ionin,
Customer Care Manager at iSpring

Need e-Learning yesterday? We’ve got you covered!

You can launch e-Learning in your organization in record time, and it won’t cost you weeks of delay and lots of headache.

There is a simple model to deploy e-Learning in your company like clockwork.

Join a free webinar hosted by iSpring experts to learn how to:

  • Roll out an e-Learning project in 3 days
  • Get your team to adopt new tools easily and hassle-free
  • Receive measurable results ready to present to stakeholders in just 2 months
  • At the webinar, we’ll share a detailed roadmap of how our clients launch e-Learning in their companies with day-by-day estimates for each stage of the project.

    Max Ionin
    Customer Care Manager at iSpring
    Max is a Customer Care Manager with a technical background. He has in-depth knowledge of all iSpring tools and can easily answer any product-related or technical question, and provide a customer with personal live training.
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