November 18, Thursday 5:00 pm GMT 1 hour

Create Iconic eLearning with eLearning Icons

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Natalie Taylor

eLearning expert at iSpring


1 hour



This time we’ll talk about using icons in eLearning courses.

Icons are small images that help learners scan content more effectively and pay attention to the most important parts of your text. They can also speed up the learning process, as they draw on visual memory. And our brains love visuals. Still, a lot of courses are created the other way around: with thousands of words and only a few pictures.

Join our free webinar and discover:

  • Some additional reasons you need to use icons in eLearning.
  • Where to find suitable icons.
  • How to add them to your course.

See you at the webinar !

About the presenter

Natalie Taylor

Natalie is a lifelong learner with a passion for education in general and eLearning in particular. She believes that using the right eLearning strategies for corporate training, together with the proper software tools, can help businesses grow and succeed.

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