The 20 Most Frequent Mistakes in Course Design

We will analyze typical mistakes in course design and look at the general principles of visual design. During this webinar, you’ll find out about frequent mistakes in advance so as to avoid wasting time on an actual project.

March 21, Tuesday

2:00 pm IST

Free webinar

The 20 Most Frequent Mistakes in Course Design


April Collins

eLearning expert at iSpring Academy


1 hour
This webinar will be useful for:
- Instructional Designers
You’ll master the principles of visual design: typography, layout, and composition.

- L&D and HR Specialists
You’ll analyze typical mistakes in course design and learn how to fix them.

- Business Trainers and Teachers
You’ll learn how to turn a presentation into an engaging eLearning course.

- Anyone who wants to hone their course design skills.

Every participant of the webinar will get a discount for the Video Course for Instructional Designers from iSpring Academy!

About the presenter

April Collins

April is a creative and tech-savvy eLearning project manager with an ability to make complicated concepts bite sized and engaging. She will unleash your creative capacity to design surprising and delightful learning experiences that appeal to diverse audiences.

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