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Skilljar LMS and iSpring Suite Compatibility

iSpring Suite fully supports the most popular LMS content standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI (Tin Can), and cmi5. We thoroughly tested which of these standards are supported by Skilljar LMS. Please find below a summary of how Skilljar LMS works with iSpring content.

Skilljar is an online platform for Technology training, Sales training and, of course, Employee training. Being is lightweight, modern, and easy-to-use, Skilljar can be used in a variety of ways.

This platform is of good value for those who want to reduce costs of additional development of e-Learning items, as all necessary features you want to have at hand while teaching are included. Do you prefer to keep your library as SCORM courses? Then go ahead and upload them to Skilljar to see how seamless they will be played there. Or maybe you prefer to design online courses based on your papers or HTML5 docs? You are more than welcome to use them in your online training and assessment too.

Skilljar can be integrated into your everyday practices and workflow via Webhoots and REST API. Simply integrate Skilljar into your CRM and see how users go e-Learning and back to work without having to log in and out (thanks to SSO) and using their work computers or mobile devices. To achieve 100% integration, you can always customize your working space using pre-made templates or insert custom CSS and JavaScript for additional customization.

Skilljar is to create and publish courses without hiring on a development team. Focus on where you add the most value – creating training content and interacting with your crew members and students in your habitual environment.

Compatibility with iSpring

iSpring format Level of support
SCORM 1.2 Excellent

SCORM 2004 is not supported.

Also, Skilljar LMS works with “passed/failed” statuses for SCORM 1.2 only. If you select “completed/incomplete” status in the Learning Course settings when publishing with iSpring, the Status in the report will be blank.


How to upload an iSpring course to Skilljar LMS

Step-by-step guide on how to add a course to Skilljar LMS. Log in to your LMS as an admin or publisher and follow these instructions.


Need help with integration?

Leave a message, and we'll be happy to test out your particular LMS configuration, help you upload iSpring courses, or answer any related questions.