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Train all your automotive workforce online: from manufacturing workers to dealership sales reps. Quickly build and deliver courses, assess employees, and track their progress in real time.

Streamline your automotive training with iSpring LMS

Key benefits of iSpring's learning management system for automotive training:
A centralized training platform available 24/7
No more inconsistent training materials, lost attendance sheets, or missed classes. With iSpring, employees across all locations are getting the same consistent training online, and their progress is recorded automatically.
Cost-effective training and a high return on investment
Save thousands on travel and accommodation expenses for both trainers and learners. With online learning, you only invest in a training program once and can scale it to all your locations.
Quick updates on changes, new releases, and events
When you need to inform all learners about something, whether it's a new car release or changes in environmental regulations, you can deliver the information to all employees quickly through the LMS.
Easy-to-read reports and progress stats
The iSpring Learn LMS gives you a clear picture of employees' learning results. You can track progress by department, group, or individual, and build custom reports for management.

Make training easy and accessible for everyone

iSpring's LMS for the automotive industry is extremely intuitive and easy to use – even for those with no IT background: whether they're technicians, factory workers, or sales managers.
Car dealership sales reps
Train sales representatives at the dealership to enhance their product knowledge and increase customer service and satisfaction.
and factory staff
Perform timely compliance training for factory workers, like courses on safety regulations, environmental laws, and manufacturing technologies.
Automotive technicians
Provide technicians and mechanics with information before they dive into hands-on practice. As a bonus, upload all manuals and repair aids to the portal, so they can access them 24/7.
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Why choose iSpring Learn LMS for automotive training?

Deploy today
Simply sign up for iSpring Learn and your online automotive training platform is up and running. You then only need to invite employees and add courses.
You can upload any documents, videos, and materials from previous training sessions, as well as off-the-shelf courses from third-party vendors.
Build engaging courses in minutes
iSpring's LMS comes with an authoring toolkit, iSpring Suite. The toolkit is based on PowerPoint, which makes it super easy to learn and use, even if you have no IT background. With iSpring Suite, you can build engaging eLearning courses, as well as other interactive training materials.
Dialogue simulations
Assess employees' skills and knowledge with interactive quizzes. For example, you can launch a quiz on fire safety rules to make sure everyone in the company is informed and compliant.
To make learning easy and engaging, you can turn static instructions and catalogs into clickable objects. For instance, here's an interaction about a six-point walk around vehicle presentation.
Dialogue simulations
The only way to level up sales reps' communication skills is through practice. With dialogue simulations, reps can practice different conversation scenarios in a safe-to-fail environment.
Learn on mobile devices
In the automotive industry, the majority of workers spend most of their time away from the computer. iSpring enables them to learn online from their tablets and smartphones effectively.
And with the free iSpring Learn apps for iOS and Android, they can even save courses to their devices to take them - even when offline.
Keep in touch with learners through webinars
Whenever you need to have a live meeting with employees, whether a training or an important message from the head office, you can conduct a webinar right in the LMS.
Certain types of training in the automotive industry still require hands-on experience. With iSpring, you can schedule offline events, as well as online activities.
Manage in-person training sessions
a trusted brand
59,000 clients worldwide choose iSpring to create and deliver eLearning courses. The iSpring brand reputation is backed by hundreds of awards, client reviews, and testimonials.
24/7 customer care
We'll solve any issue by email or by phone in a single conversation, without long waiting times and transfers to other representatives. We'll handle all technical issues so you can work calmly.
of issues are resolved within 2 hours.
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