iSpring Partnership Program

Anyone involved in software sales, custom content development or e-Learning deployment at organizations is welcome to become an iSpring partner.

Program Terms

As a partner, you have the privilege to purchase iSpring licenses at a discounted price and resell them to your customers. We don’t limit the number of copies to be sold. You can start participating in the program by buying just one license for any iSpring product.

Standard 25% discount

You get a 10% discount on the first purchase, and a 25% discount on all the following purchases. There are also extra bonuses for a large number of licenses sold.

Licenses for product demonstration

With the first order, you get one iSpring license for demonstrating the product’s features and capabilities.

Informational and marketing materials

We will provide you with all materials necessary to start: guidelines, demo presentations, booklets, price lists, user manuals, and relevant download links.

Your personal user account

Here you can buy iSpring tools, send license details to customers, and see purchasing history.

Technical support

iSpring support specialists will cover all the questions you have when working with the tools. Simply ask any questions or describe what you would like to achieve by phone or email, and one of our pros will come up with a solution in no time.

Learning included

During a training webinar held by iSpring specialists, you will find out more about the company and tools, learn how to use your account, and have FAQ and your own questions answered.

This Program is Aimed at:

  • Software distributors
  • System integrators
  • Online software shops
  • LMS providers
  • Professional content developers
  • e-Learning deployment companies
  • Any other companies interested in new business areas

Requirements for partners

Registered organization

Only a legal entity with a good professional reputation in the field can become an iSpring partner. Individuals are not eligible for the reseller program.

For reselling purposes only

Licenses purchased through the Partnership Program are to be resold to third parties only. If this provision is broken, the agreement is terminated, and other sanctions put on the Agreement are applied. Distributor must accept the agreement conditions before placing the first order.

Market knowledge

The distributor should be familiar with the presentation authoring process, distance learning, and the market where his company is represented.

Contact Details

If you want to become an iSpring partner or have some questions about the Partnership Program, feel free to contact the iSpring Partner Relations Manager, Nadya Slesareva.

 +1 844 347 7764