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How to use iSpring Talent Hub

iSpring Talent Hub will help you find a specialist who can create an online course, a quiz, or/and a role-play, set up an LMS, or launch eLearning in your company.

1. Determine what kind of specialist you need

To find the right person, choose their role by tags - the system will show you the best matching specialists:

An instructional designer — develops employee training programs: identifies training needs, finds the right format, works with subject matter experts, creates content, and develops assessments.

A course developer — creates learning content: ecourses, online tests, role-plays, interactive games, etc. in an authoring tool.

An LMS administrator — launches and sets up a learning management system in a company: customizes the interface, creates employee accounts, designs learning tracks, and manages the analytics.

A project manager — helps to move classroom training online, or develop a current learning project.

If you choose several roles, the system will show you professionals who combine all these aspects.

2. Choose a specialist

Choose the professional that seems like the best fit. When selecting a candidate, consider these things:

The "About me" section. Choose those whose description matches your needs, and who have the right skills for your project.

Relevant projects. Look through a specialist’s projects and evaluate their competence. Professionals share their best projects on the website.

Rating. On our website, we show only specialists certified by iSpring. Their rating depends on the number of courses they’ve completed.

The higher the rating, the more likely it is that a professional knows how to use iSpring tools, create an online course, and launch eLearning.

Rating isn’t the main quality factor. A person can complete all iSpring courses and not be a good fit for your task. Look at a specialist’s projects and portfolio for better assessment.

3. Discuss your project

A professional’s card provides contact information: an email address and links to social media. Contact an expert however you prefer.

Start with a small test task that’ll show how comfortable you are working with this specialist, and how useful they’ll be for your project.

Say, you’re looking for an instructional designer who’ll create a series of online courses. Ask a candidate to create a course, or a course module first. Assess the result.

Don’t start with a big project.

How to become a member of iSpring Talent Hub

On our website, we show only specialists certified by iSpring. iSpring Certification is a chance to learn about iSpring tools in detail and get an expert status, increase your labor market value, become more noteworthy among colleagues, and get projects from iSpring clients.

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