iSpring Cloud
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Secure storage and sharing of iSpring content for you and your colleagues.

  •  Unlimited storage
  •  User management
  •  Tracking

Unlimited Storage

There’s no limit into the number of files that can be uploaded to an iSpring Cloud business account. Upload all your iSpring projects, presentations, and other documents to this hosting platform, and share them with anybody you like.

Advanced User Management

Multiple users can take advantage of an iSpring Cloud Business Plan. Purchase access to the account for as many users as you want, and they will be able to upload and share content too.

Manage Permissions

Every user can configure access permissions for the files they’ve uploaded to iSpring Cloud. Choose who can only view content, and who can edit it directly. Plus, you can divide employees into groups and enable access to a whole group in one click.

Get Statistics on Content Views

Find the most popular materials, and identify the viewers who showed the greatest interest in your content.

Presentation Effectiveness Report

See what slides are the most viewed and how many users have completed viewing the presentation.

Viewer Activity Tracking

Check out individuals’ interaction with your content: presentation views, list of viewed slides, and time each person spent on each slide.

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