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Course templates Character library Backgrounds Office supplies Icons Controls
1 User
$397 / year
3 Users
$1,191 / year
$1,127 / year
5 Users
$1,985 / year
$1,787 / year
You can get a custom plan for any desired number of users.

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Questions & Answers About Pricing

Can I get a trial version?

The Content Library is integrated with the iSpring Suite authoring toolkit, which you can download for free for 14 days. The trial version includes a free basic set of templates, photos, characters, and icons.

How can I activate my Content Library?

After purchase, you will get your login and password. Enter them in your iSpring Suite Content Library to get access to all templates, characters, and icons.

Can I use the Content Library without iSpring Suite?

The Content Library is designed for iSpring Suite users and is conveniently integrated with the course builder. If you are using any other iSpring tool or would like to integrate the Content Library with your PowerPoint, please drop us a line.

Is there a limit on downloads?

You can download an unlimited number of templates during your 1-year subscription period. By default, there is a daily limit of 100 downloads. If you want to reset the limit, please contact us.

Do you offer monthly subscriptions?

By default, we offer a 1-year subscription only. If you want to purchase a subscription for another period, please contact us.

How often is the Content Library updated?

The Content Library is updated every 1-2 months. All new templates, characters, photos, and illustrations will be available free of charge.

Test drive the iSpring Content Library now

Try iSpring Suite for 14 days and get free access to the iSpring Content Library basic package.