iSpring Suite 8.3: The Era of Silent Dialogue Simulations Has Ended

by Nadya Spellman

Community Manager

On April 12, 2016

iSpring Solutions has released the new advanced iSpring Suite 8.3, a powerful authoring toolkit with enhanced audio capabilities.

April 12, 2016. iSpring has announced the launch of iSpring Suite 8.3, the new version of the supercharged e-Learning toolkit with extended audio recording features. The updated built-in tools make conversational simulations and quizzes more realistic than ever before: now dialogue characters can speak as in real-life communication. It is possible to record voice overs for dialogue simulations, quiz questions and feedback messages right in iSpring Suite without using any additional utilities.

The new powerful capabilities extend the range of applications of iSpring Suite 8.3. Conversation simulations and quizzes with voice overs can be effectively used in business sector for soft skills training.

The upgraded authoring toolkit is especially useful for e-Learning developers, trainers and instructors who strive to enhance their teaching experience with audio features and interactive assessments.

It has now become much easier for e-Learning developers to create engaging quizzes and surveys. 36 new color schemes, 19 player color profiles and advanced feedback message options are available in the QuizMaker tool, which is a component of iSpring Suite.

Apart from these new features, the new iSpring Suite 8.3 has other great improvements:

  1. Option to add voiceovers to characters’ lines in conversation simulations and make dialogues more realistic than ever before.
  2. Customizable feedback messages that allow you to save time on e-Learning development and provide learners with detailed comments on their answers.
  3. Built-in microphone setup wizard, which helps you easily choose the optimal recording device and adjust it in all components of the new iSpring Suite 8.3.

iSpring Suite 8.3 is the world’s only e-Learning toolkit which allows you to develop e-courses, video lectures, conversation simulations and quizzes with voice overs right in PowerPoint. iSpring’s innovative PPT conversion technology has always been recognized as best-in-class, thanks to clear support of all PowerPoint effects on any device. With this supercharged authoring toolkit, both experts and those who are new to e-Learning are able to create courses, tests and interactive materials in a snap..

The new advanced iSpring Suite 8.3 has best-in-class value for money. Users of iSpring 8 can upgrade free of charge under their complimentary Maintenance Plan. iSpring Suite 8.3 can be purchased on the iSpring website or via any iSpring partner worldwide.

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Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, iSpring Solutions, Inc. is an international software vendor of professional tools for e-Learning authoring. iSpring is known for its excellently engineered software for creating mobile-friendly presentations and e-Learning courses, and is loved by over 40,000 customers from 155 countries.

iSpring products are used by 13,000 companies including Google, HP, AT&T, Amazon, P&G, and Boeing and 1,500 world-famous universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, and MIT.

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