How to Add an e-Learning Course into ScholarLMS

ScholarLMS has gone through compliance tests with iSpring learning courses and we can now confirm that it supports SCORM/xAPI uploading and reporting. Check out how to create a learning package with iSpring.

Just follow this tutorial on how to get your SCORM package into ScholarLMS LMS:

  1. 1 Make sure that you are an administrator and can upload activities and resources.
  2. 2 There are a few ways to add a new course. One of them is to click on Add New Course on the Quick Admin Dashboard.
  3. 3 Add a new course full name, short name and select a course category.
  4. 4 Select Single activity format (in the Format list) and SCORM package (the Type of activity field) on the Course format panel.
  5. 5 Click on Save and return to go to the Courses menu.
  6. 6 Choose a category you previously selected in the course setting menu.
  7. 7 Select a course you previously added.
  8. 8 Enter a package name and description.
  9. 9 Drag and drop a SCORM package onto the content box on the Package panel.
  10. 10 Also, we recommend launching courses in a new window. This option can be configured on the Appearance panel.
    Here is a sample course launched by a learner:

How to generate reports in ScholarLMS

  1. 1 Make sure that you logged in as an administrator and can manage courses and users.
  2. 2 Choose a course category on the Courses panel.
  3. 3 Select a course, which report you want to see.
  4. 4 Switch to the Reports tab to see general statistics.
  5. 5 Click on the attempt number in the Attempt column.
  6. 6 Click on Track details to see user’s answers if SCORM contains a quiz.
  7. 7 The LMS does not journal quiz questions neither of SCORM 2004 nor of SCORM 1.2 quizzes.

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.

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