How to add an e-Learning Course into Curatr LMS

Curatr LMS has gone through compliance tests with iSpring learning courses and we can now confirm that it supports xAPI uploading and reporting. Check out how to create a learning package with iSpring.

Just follow this tutorial on how to get your SCORM package to Curatr LMS:

  1. 1 Make sure that you logged in as an administrator or that your role allows you to access admin tool-kit.
  2. 2 Click on Resources on the administrative dashboard.
  3. 3 After that add a new resource. To start, click on NEW RESOURCE.
  4. 4 Select xAPI on the list of suggested formats.
  5. 5 Click on CHOOSE A FILE to look it up on your computer.
  6. 6 Once you see a selected launcher, click on SAVE to proceed.
  7. Here is a course launched by a learner:

How to generate reports in Curatr

There are several reports available in Curatr. Let's review how administrators can track user's activity.

How to review user's activity in Curatr

  1. 1 Click on Settings on the administrative dashboard.
  2. 2 Select Reports on the left hand menu to see available options.
  3. 3 Click on Active Users to get to the users list.
  4. 4 Click on a number of courses to see which of them were viewed by the selected learner.
  5. 5 A user's history will be shown on the next page.
  6. Note: To get a detailed transcript, it is required to go to an LRS, which is enabled to record xAPI statements.

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