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iSpring is a PowerPoint-based solution that makes possible the creation of more persuasive online presentations. While preserving virtually all features of the original presentation, iSpring enhances PowerPoint with highly desired features, including content sharing, protection and video narrations.

PowerPoint helps people create magnificent presentations that can be informative, interactive and entertaining. In the evolution of online communications, the creation of online presentations is becoming very important. Multifunctional as PowerPoint can be, it still lacks a number of useful features including format compatibility. iSpring converts PowerPoint to Flash, a widely used format that ensures content protection and allows presentations to be viewed online.

iSpring helps enrich PowerPoint presentations with narrations, Flash movies, YouTube videos and quizzes. A wide range of iSpring settings enables users to customize the size, design and format of the output Flash file.

Easy sharing is ensured by numerous supported delivery types, including publishing to the Web, LMS, CD and sending via Email. iSpring software, while very functional, is handy and easy to use.

How can iSpring help me with my presentation?

How iSpring helps:

  • Web-ready presentations
  • Easy delivery
  • Compact size
  • Protection
  • Audio and video narrations
  • Insert Flash and YouTube
  • Create quizzes
1.  Web ready presentations delivered easily via Web, Email or CD

When you are done with authoring, designing and eliminating all minor flaws, you still have to worry about software compatibility.

PowerPoint versions are often incompatible; unique fonts may be unsupported or codecs may be missing on your partner's computer.
This is not the case with iSpring: all generated Flash presentations are ready for uploading to the web, sending via email or even burning to a CD.

Since Adobe Flash player is installed on most computers and can be easily downloaded, presentations will play back properly without any additional software required.

2.  Compact size of the Flash file

Thanks to iSpring AccuPoint™ technology, output Flash presentations are up to 97% more compact than the original PowerPoint presentation. This is very useful for sending presentations via email or uploading them to your web site. Due to the portability of Flash presentations, you can share them quickly and easily, getting more rapid results.

3.  Content protection

When it comes to sharing your content on the web, PowerPoint presentations tend to lack security. Most PowerPoint presentations undergo risk of unwanted editing, disclosure or theft. Converting presentations to Flash eliminates most of the risks, and advanced iSpring options provide additional protection, including watermark protection, password protection and domain restriction.

4.  Audio and video narration recording

If you are delivering your content remotely you often have no opportunity to give live comments. Using narration features provided by the advanced iSpring products, you can clearly relate your main ideas to your audience. Make you presentation more impressive by letting people listen to your own voice and seeing your smile instead of monotonously reading the slides.

5.  Ability to insert Flash movies and YouTube videos

Because PowerPoint is so popular, presentations have to stand out to attract viewers' attention. To make presentations impressive and memorable, authors like to enrich them with Flash movies and YouTube videos. Although inserting these can be done in PowerPoint in many complex steps, with iSpring you can insert Flash and YouTube videos with the click of your mouse.

6.  Creation of quizzes

It is always interesting to find out: if the information you've shared was understandable, and was the presentation itself useful and engaging to the audience? The easiest way to know is to add a quiz or a survey to the end of your presentation - and this is made possible with iSpring. Adding a quiz to your Flash presentation makes it interactive and enables you to receive user's feedback.

iSpring PowerPoint-based software:

iSpring Pro

  • PowerPoint add-in
  • Accurate PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion
  • Audio/Video narration recording & sync
  • Insert Flash movies and YouTube videos
  • Player customization
  • Presentation protection
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iSpring Suite

  • All iSpring Pro functionality
  • Video narration recording
  • Built-in QuizMaker
  • Receive quiz results
  • Protection features
  • Upload content to any SCORM/AICC compliant LMS
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Why iSpring:

iSpring advantages are centered in its exceptional PowerPoint to Flash conversion accuracy. The software preserves all of the PowerPoint effects, including trigger animations and on-click audio/video playback thanks to iSpring AccuPoint™ technology, which is the core of all iSpring products. Even with all iSpring's functionality, conversion accuracy and ease of use, it is still very affordable. iSpring is a superior and affordable solution for the creation of attractive and secure web-ready presentations in the familiar Microsoft PowerPoint.

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