How to share your presentation online with iSpring Cloud

Have you ever wanted to share your beautifully-crafted PowerPoint presentations online from a secure platform quickly and easily? Here's how you can do it in five simple steps with iSpring Cloud:

  1. Sign into iSpring Cloud.
  2. Click "Upload" and choose the presentation which you would like to share.
  3. Mark the content item and click the "Visible" button. Chose the "Public" option to make your presentation public.
  4. Click "Share".
  5. Choose your method of sharing. The simplest way is to copy the hyperlink and send it via an instant message.

See? Your shared presentation is fully mobile-enabled! It will play on any device with an internet connection.

And even if your presentations contain sound or video, all rich-media components will be played back perfectly, because iSpring Cloud's online engine converts your presentations into pure HTML5 format (not PDF or images).

For example, see this embedded presentation which has been converted and shared with iSpring Cloud: