iSpring Sales FAQ

Our specialists have already helped hundreds of our unique visitors and we have posted most common sales questions here for your convenience. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to ask iSpring Sales Team.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept online payments via credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, we accept company checks and wire transfers. Please contact us for detailed bank information. We can always provide you with an invoice upon your request.

  • How do I receive the product after purchasing?

    iSpring products are delivered electronically and can always be downloaded from iSpring website. . After the payment is processed, you will receive an email that will include license data and a product download link. If you already have an iSpring trial version installed, you can register it with the provided license data.

  • What is the order delivery time?

    For online payments, the license details should be emailed to you within one business day, but are more likely to be delivered faster. If you choose to make a payment via check or bank-to-bank transfer, the license will be sent after the payment is received, which can take a few days.

  • Do you offer volume discounts?

    Yes, we do offer volume discounts starting with a 2-seat license purchase. The more licenses you purchase, the bigger discount you get. Feel free to check the detailed volume discounts.

  • Can I get an educational discount on iSpring software?

    We provide 40% educational discount to the retail price listed online to the following groups of customers:

    • Currently enrolled K-12 and higher education students
    • Currently employed teachers, faculty and staff members

    Special offers are not combined with academic pricing for additional discounts. Please check the detailed academic pricing and feel free to send us a request for your discount.

  • Are there any discounts available for non-profit organizations?

    Yes, we do offer a 40% discount to the standard retail price listed online for the qualified non-profit organizations. Volume discounts also apply starting with a 2-seat license purchase. Special offers may not combine with non-profit pricing for additional discounts. You can check the discounts and send us a request for your discount.

  • Are there any governmental discounts available?

    Yes, we do offer 20% discount to governmental organizations. Volume discounts also apply starting with a 2-seat license purchase. Special offers may not combine with non-profit pricing for additional discounts. You can check the pricing and request your discount.

  • Do you offer money back guarantee?

    Yes, we have 30 days money back guarantee for the desktop iSpring products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your iSpring product, you can receive 100% of money back within 30 days after the purchase.

  • How many computers can I activate iSpring on?

    You can activate your iSpring license on two computers, for example, a work computer and a laptop or a home machine. Please note, that both copies of iSpring software should be used by the license holder only, should not run simultaneously, and both computers should be under control of the license holder.

  • What kind of support is provided with iSpring products?

    The following support can be accessed with no additional charge: 1) email-based support, where every case is personally reviewed by iSpring Support Engineer, 2) Knowledge Base with video tutorials, questions and answers, help docs and articles, 3) iSpring Community, where your questions are answered by community members and support technicians.

    iSpring offers Maintenance Program that provides Priority Support and Unlimited Upgrades for only 30% of the retail license price. Learn more about Maintenance Program.

  • Is the purchase a one-time payment or should I pay continuously?

    The payment depends on the license type (perpetual license or subscription) that varies for different iSpring products. The perpetual license type implies a one-time fee for a lifetime license. The subscription model requires monthly or annual payments and you can cancel the subscription at any time. For example, iSpring e-Learning Rocket and iSpring Online LMS are available for subscription licensing only. iSpring Suite, iSpring Pro and iSpring QuizMaker are available on both perpetual and subscription licensing.

  • What are iSpring upgrade terms?

    You can receive all minor upgrades to the latest version of your product free of charge. For example, 6.1, 6.2, 6.5 upgrades are provided for free within 6.x license.

    New versions are available with significant discounts. You can download a free trial of a new version from iSpring website to make up your mind about purchasing an upgrade to it.

    You can also upgrade to a more advanced iSpring product, for example, upgrade iSpring QuizMaker to iSpring Suite. The cost of such upgrade will be the difference in prices of these products.

    For the members of iSpring Maintenance Program all the upgrades and new Major Versions of their product are available for free during the subscription period. Learn more about Maintenance Program.

    Visit iSpring Upgrade Center for more details.

  • How can I remove iSpring banner from my Flash output?

    The banner at the bottom of the generated Flash movie is the trial version limitation. To remove it, you need to purchase iSpring product and activate your copy. After the activation your product will no longer be putting the evaluation banner on the published content.

    Note: To remove the evaluation banner from the content published with the trial version of the iSpring product, publish it again with the activated product.

  • Is site licensing option available for iSpring products?

    Yes, we do offer site licensing for iSpring Suite, iSpring Pro and iSpring QuizMaker products. Please, contact iSpring for more information.

  • What is the price of iSpring SDK?

    iSpring SDK pricing is based on the configuration of your solution and the license type. Please, complete the form to help us provide you with a valid quotation.

  • Can I purchase iSpring software from my authorized software provider?

    Yes, you can. iSpring works with many resellers worldwide (you can take a look at the list of iSpring Partners) and you can purchase iSpring software via software provider you prefer.

  • Do you have a reseller in my country?

    Please check the list of authorized iSpring Partners to find a reseller in your country. Alternatively, you can purchase iSpring software from iSpring website and the product will be delivered to you electronically within up to one business day.

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