Protect your PowerPoint slides

Protecting your intellectual property in your PowerPoint slides is actually not that hard. iSpring Converter Pro PowerPoint-to-HTML5 & Flash converter offers you a few simple ways to take care of your presentation’s security.

Did you know that eLearning courses created with iSpring Converter Pro can be securely protected with watermark and password or their playback can be restricted to certain domains and time periods?

1. Convert to Flash to protect your presentation’s elements

iSpring Converter Pro does a nice job of re-creating your PowerPoint content in the secure Adobe Flash format. Now all of the elements of your slides, including audio, video and inserted Flash files, are packed into a single, compact .swf file that is easy to play, but impossible to dissect. Flash keeps your content locked and doesn’t let others copy or modify your original presentation.

2. Copyright your PowerPoint slides by adding a watermark

iSpring Converter Pro allows you to add a watermark to your presentation. All you have to do is browse for your corporate logo or any image you want to use as a watermark, select its position on the slide and modify its transparency level. If you additionally specify a preferred webpage, clicking your watermark can take your viewers anywhere on the web. It could really be anything from service Terms of Use to just your profile page on a social network site. Read more about this feature in the KB article: Watermark in PowerPoint →

3. Set a password, time and restrict domains

Setting a password is simple – you create a password and no one can view your presentation without entering the password first. Setting a time restriction allows you to make the presentation available for viewing only before and/or after the specified dates. But how does restricting domains work? It is actually pretty straightforward as well. You simply put in the names of the domains that you want to allow to play your presentation. These names get saved in the presentation’s code. It means that even if someone manages to download your presentation, they will not be able to play it anywhere except from the domain name you’ve entered.

Both password and domain restriction protection features are available with iSpring Converter Pro:

Protect PowerPoint Presentations


Here is a sample presentation protected with iSpring. Password to view: ispring. Go ahead and try to subvert it using your best hacker skills: upload it to your own domain and see what happens!

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