How to add a course on Blackboard

iSpring E-Learning development tools can publish SCORM courses specially configured for the Blackboard LMS. iSpring also provides a certified Building Block to quickly upload published courses as SCORM 2004 R3 packages to the LMS.

Did you know that iSpring Suite is the only eLearning authoring tool that features a certified building block for the Blackboard LMS? With iSpring you can upload your courses to Blackboard quickly and easily.

Publishing content to Blackboard using the iSpring building block involves three stages:

  1. Install the iSpring building block for Blackboard (you need to do it only once)
  2. Publish your content for Blackboard using the iSpring product.
  3. Import your content to Blackboard.

Installing the iSpring Building Block for Blackboard

  1. Download the iSpring building block for Blackboard.
  2. Log in to your Blackboard account as an administrator.
  3. Open the System Admin tab.Blackboard log in and System Admin tab
  4. Go to Building Blocks/Installed Tools.
  5. Click the Upload Building Blocks button.
  6. Click the Browse button and navigate to the downloaded file iSpring_blackboard.war.
  7. Click the Submit button.

    "iSpring Plugin" will be added to the list of installed building blocks. Now that you have installed it, you have to enable it.

    Installing iSpring Building Block - Content Tool
  8. Find "iSpring Plugin" in the list.
  9. Choose Available from both drop-down menus to activate it.

Publishing to Blackboard

To publish your presentation to Blackboard:

  1. Click the Publish button on the iSpring Suite/iSpring QuizMaker panel.
  2. Open the LMS tab
  3. Open the Learning Course tab
  4. Select Blackboard 9.x in the Course type drop-down menu.
    iSpring Suite publishing window:
    Publishing e-Learning course to Blackboard
    iSpring QuizMaker publishing window:
    Publish quiz to Blackboard
  5. Tweak your course parameters (see the table below).

    Note: if you publish a selected range of slides, iSpring will process only those quizzes which are added to the selected slides.

  6. Click the Publish button.
    iSpring Suite will generate a zipped package, ready for publishing to Blackboard.
Blackboard Settings
Rate number of slides viewed Choose the minimum number of slides that must be viewed.
Score Specify how many points are awarded for viewing all slides.
Weight Specify how much weight the score above has in the final score.
Rate quizzes Select this checkbox to take the results of the listed quizzes into account in the final score.
Use total grade Select this checkbox if you want to add the total grade to the Blackboard Grade Book.
Max Score Specify the maximum score a user can get by viewing all slides and completing all quizzes.
Passing score Specify the minimum number of points a user should score to pass the lesson.

Add SCORM Content to Blackboard

Now that you have generated a zipped package, you can upload it to Blackboard:

  1. On the Content page in Blackboard, move the mouse over the More button and click the Add iSpring Content button.
    Adding SCORM content to Blackboard
  2. Click the Browse for Local File button and choose the package you have published with iSpring. Uploading iSpring Content to Blackboard
  3. Click Submit. Editing course properties
  4. Edit the properties of the content item, if necessary.
    Content Information
    Title Type your lesson name here.
    Description Type a brief description of your lesson here.
    Content Items
    Title Type the name for a content item here.
    Add to grade book Register the score of an individual content item in the grade book.
    Weight Specify the weight of a given content item in the lesson.
    Total mark
    Add total mark to grade book Select this checkbox if you want to add the total mark of the lesson to the grade book.
    Percentage mark Select this radio button if you prefer percentage to total score.
    Passing percent Specify how high a percentage the student should score to complete the lesson.
    Score mark Select this radio button, if you prefer total score to percentage.
    Max score Specify the maximum number of points a student can earn in this lesson.
    Passing score Specify how many points a student should score to complete this lesson.
    Content options
    Limit lesson duration Specify the period of time a student can study the lesson.
    Display after Specify the date and time after which the lesson becomes available.
    Display until Specify the date and time until which the lesson is available.
    Make content visible Select this checkbox to let students see this lesson.
    Track number of views Select this checkbox if you want the system to register how many times a given lesson has been viewed.
    Grade first attempt only Select this checkbox if you want to rate only your students’ first attempts to complete this lesson. For example, if a lesson includes several quizzes, and a student completes only the first quiz at first, the system will rate the first quiz. The next time the student views this lesson and repeats the first quiz, his/her new results will be ignored. The system will register only the results of the subsequent quizzes.
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. Your package will be uploaded to Blackboard and will appear in the Content list.
  7. View added Scorm content on Blackboard

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