iSpring Non-Profit License

iSpring offers special pricing for non-profit organizations that makes iSpring software affordable and can help non-profits get the most out of their limited budget. Qualifying non-profit organizations can receive multiple iSpring software licenses at a reduced price with the iSpring Non-Profit Licensing program.

iSpring Suite

Single License Save $279
$697 $418
3 Licenses Save $1,033
$2,091 $1,058
5 Licenses Save $1,855
$3,485 $1,630

iSpring Pro

Single License Save $199
$497 $298
3 Licenses Save $736
$1,491 $755
5 Licenses Save $1,354
$2,485 $1,131

iSpring QuizMaker

Single License Save $159
$397 $238
3 Licenses Save $588
$1,191 $603
5 Licenses Save $1,094
$1,985 $891

While basic pricing is provided above, iSpring is open to discussing customized licensing to meet the requirements of your organization, whether it's small or global one. Contact iSpring Sales to get special pricing and more information.


To qualify for an iSpring Non-Profit License, organizations in the US must be qualified as §501(c)(3) organizations or specific §509 organizations, as defined by the United States Revenue Code. Please see the detailed information here. If your company is outside the United States, you must still provide us with an equivalent type of document issued by your country.

Next Steps

To acquire a Non-Profit License, please fill out this form and an iSpring Sales representative will get back to you shortly. Organizations must demonstrate proof of their non-profit status before placing the order.

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