iSpring Upgrade Terms

iSpring engineers continuously improve product quality by providing new functionality and better usability. Aggregating new enhancements, we release the new versions of iSpring products and number them according to the following scheme:

iSpring Version Numbering

A Maintenance Release is a small software update that improves the functionality of a product and does not contain any new significant features or enhancements. Maintenance Releases are represented by the number that goes after the second decimal point in the version number. For example, 6.1.1, 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 are maintenance releases of version 6.1.

A Minor Version is an intermediate version of a product which improves functionality or adds new features to the product, scaling up the second digit of the version number such as 6.0 or 6.1.

A Major Version is a new significantly enhanced product with qualitative changes in functionality and usability. Usually a new major version is released once a year. Major Versions are designated by the first digit of the number that goes after the product name. When the new major version is released, this first digit is increased, for example, iSpring 5.x to iSpring 6.x, where "x" means any Minor Version.

Each registered iSpring customer is provided with free Maintenance Releases and free Minor Versions of the product they purchased. Each registered customer is also entitled to significant discounts on Major Versions and new iSpring products.

For members of the iSpring Premium Plan all the upgrades and new Major Versions of their product are available for free during the subscription period.

The iSpring Team reserves the right to solely determine the availability and designation of software releases such as Maintenance Releases, Minor Versions and Major Versions at its own discretion.

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