Turn your PowerPoint slides into a video presentation

Add talking head videos

You can narrate your presentation using a web cam or insert a pre-recorded video and sync it with slides and animations.

Insert YouTube or Vimeo videos

Choose a video from your favorite video hosting service and insert it onto a slide in just a couple of clicks.

Record voice-overs

Let your presentation speak for you: record a voice-over via the built-in Narration Editor or upload audio files from your computer.

Insert Flash movies

Add Flash movies in .swf and .flv formats to your presentation by simply clicking the button on the ribbon.

Insert live, navigable web pages

Insert any web page right into a slide of your presentation or create your own page using an embed code.

Attach files and links

Provide your learners with additional info: attach web links or documents in .pdf, .xls, .docx, and other formats.

Add company and presenter info

Brand your presentation with info about your company: add company name, logo and website address. Also, let your viewers know who the presenter is by providing presenter name, photo and contact details.

Use PowerPoint to the fullest

The iSpring conversion engine converts 99% of PowerPoint effects in the output file. So, feel free to apply any animations and transitions you like when creating your awesome presentation.

Preserve inserted objects

All the objects you have inserted into your PowerPoint slides will be preserved in their original look. iSpring Presenter carefully reproduces colors, fonts, and multimedia quality.

Use animations and triggers

Virtually all the animations which make your presentation dynamic and interactive will be reproduced in the published version. You can confidently apply animations by letter or word, animate objects, and add triggers.

Add transitions between slides

Use transition effects to create an impressive background for your video presentation: iSpring Presenter will preserve all of them after the conversion process.

Add quizzes and surveys to your presentation

iSpring Presenter helps you add interactive quizzes and surveys into your presentation, so you can test your learners’ knowledge or collect feedback from your viewers.

Tailor your quiz design

Customize the appearance of each question: choose the template, pick the colors, and fine-tune the size and position of inserted images and video files.

Track quiz takers results

Collect statistics on how quiz takers are progressing. Choose the method which suits you best: configure quiz results to be sent to your email address or to a server.

Also, if you create courses for distance learning, you can upload them to any LMS and collect detailed statistics from your system of choice.

Fine-tune the Presentation Player

In order to make your presentation look even more attractive, iSpring Presenter enhances it with a classy presentation player. Each element of the player is customizable: tailor it to your taste.

Choose the player template

Pick your player from a library of pre-made templates, or create a custom one and save it for further use.

Set up the color scheme

Choose the player’s colors to match them with the color scheme of your presentation or your company brand.

Set up navigation elements

Choose the way navigation elements are represented in the player: fine-tune the outline, progress bar, Back and Next buttons, and more.

Change text labels

iSpring Presenter allows you to edit all the labels used in the presentation player: buttons, captions and player messages.

Adaptive player

Your video presentation will look great, no matter what device you use. All the navigation elements adapt to screen size and orientation, while providing a great visual experience for any device user.

Protect your content from unauthorized access

To protect your content from being copied or accessed without authorization, take advantage of iSpring Presenter’s multi-level protection mechanism.



To add a watermark on top of your presentation, simply choose the image, choose its position on the slides, set a transparency level, and enter an address to a webpage which will open when the banner is clicked.



If you would like to limit the number of people who can access your presentation, set up password protection and provide the password to a select group.


Domain restriction

Protect your content from unapproved distribution: make a list of website domains and subdomains where your presentation is allowed to play.


Time limitation

iSpring Presenter allows you to set a time period when the presentation is available for viewing.

One-click publishing

iSpring Presenter will convert your presentation to HTML5, Flash, MP4 or LMS-friendly format, so that you are able to share it with millions of Internet users.

Free mobile app for content viewing

iSpring Play is a special application for smooth presentation playback on iPad and Android tablets. With the app, your users will always have presentations at their fingertips, even in offline mode.

Your Courses Availiable on iPad Online or Even Offline