iSpring Platform. High-End PowerPoint to Flash Framework


iSpring Platform is a comprehensive PowerPoint to Flash development kit that enables you to run PowerPoint
presentations within your online richmedia solution.

Compatible with Windows Server 2008 Office 2010

iSpring Platform Overview

iSpring Platform is designed for fast batch conversion of thousands of PowerPoint presentations into compact and web-friendly Flash movies.

iSpring PPT to Flash SDK iSpring Player Pack iSpring Player SDK

The brand-new iSpring Platform 6.0 includes comprehensive server-side and client side API with support for ActionScript 3 and ActionScript 2:

ActionScript 3 Components

  • PPT to Flash SDK for ActionScript 3
  • Fully customizable Streamline player
  • Player SDK for ActionScript 3
  • CodeBuilder for ActionScript 3
  • Command Line interface for ActionScript 3
  • Server-side conversion samples
  • Flash presentation control samples

ActionScript 2 Components

  • PPT to Flash SDK for ActionScript 2
  • Player Pack for ActionScript 2
  • Player SDK for ActionScript 2
  • CodeBuilder for ActionScript 2
  • Command Line interface for ActionScript 2
  • Server-side conversion samples
  • Flash presentation control samples

iSpring PowerPoint to Flash Platform provides a powerful .NET/COM API and Command Line Interface for a multitude of PPT to Flash conversions. iSpring Platform is compatible with major development platforms for Windows including C#, VB.NET, VB, Java, C++, ASP, and ASP.NET.

iSpring PowerPoint to Flash Platform

PPT to Flash SDK: Empower Your Applications

iSpring Platform empowers e-learning, web conferencing, digital signage systems and web applications with the best engineered PowerPoint to Flash conversion available.

iSpring PowerPoint to Flash API enables you to customize and fine-tune the conversion process. It provides full programmatic control over the appearance and playback of the created Flash presentation. In addition, highly customizable Flash player skins provide various view models, presentation navigation and interaction schemes.

By enhancing your application with seamless integration, iSpring Platform works under your branding while running PowerPoint to Flash conversion as an organic part of your solution.

AccuPoint: The Most Advanced PowerPoint to Flash Technology

iSpring Platform is based on our innovative AccuPoint™ technology that provides the best-in-class accuracy for rendering complex PowerPoint effects and animations in Flash. iSpring is the only technology on the market that accurately retains animations, all transitions, trigger animations and hyperlinks while combining it with speedy conversion. Check the Demos to see AccuPoint technology in action!

Generate PPT to Flash conversion code with CodeBuilder

CodeBuilder: Become an iSpring Platform
Guru in Just a Few Minutes

The Code Builder application allows you to take advantage of iSpring Platform using its intuitive user interface - no programming required. Once you've set the conversion options in the Code Builder, it will generate source code for C# or Visual Basic .NET. The Code Builder can also generate the command line code for batch scripts. Code Builder is available in two editions: for Flash presentations in ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3.

Player SDK: Get Full Control of Your Flash Presentations

iSpring Platform allows you to seamlessly integrate generated content into Flash applications and web pages. Flash presentations created with iSpring Platform expose an ActionScript API for total programmatic control over playback and navigation.

  • Navigation by slides and animation steps
  • Playback position control
  • Play/Pause control
  • Sound volume control
  • Playback event notifications
  • Access to presentation properties

Create Unique Presentation Players

With iSpring Player SDK, you can create custom branded players for your presentations taking full control over the presentation look and feel. iSpring Platform includes player sample code and detailed documentation to facilitate your development.

iSpring Platform: Stay on the Technology Forefront

With iSpring, you get the most advanced PowerPoint to Flash platform on the market. At the same time iSpring is the most rapidly evolving solution provider. That's why by investing in iSpring today, you ensure the best solution now and in the future.


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