iSpring QuizMaker 7.0

Make engaging and customizable
Flash quizzes in minutes

  Compatible with Windows 7
23 Different Qustion Types
Flash quizzes with branching scenarious
Quiz questions with Audio, Image and Video
SCORM/AICC/BlackBoard Compliant Content
Add question-specific feedback for Flash quiz
Add images and formulas to question answers


Create interactive and customized Flash quizzes
with 23 different question types enhanced with
multimedia, formulas and question-based feedback.

Easily deliver, manage and track Flash quizzes
online, integrate with a learning course or upload
to any SCORM/AICC compliant Learning
Management System.

What iSpring Customers Say

«We produce e-learning content for entrepreneurs and organizational developers training. We have chosen to incorporate iSpring into our business due to two key reasons: the enormous flexibility offered both to the author and the audience, and the iSpring support that is always responsible, fast and effective.»

Mario Dehter, CEO,