How to Engage Students So They Get the Most Out of e-Learning

It's time to face the fact that in this day and age it's easier than ever to get distracted. Between ringing cell phones and barking dogs, eStudents have a difficult time keeping on task. While there's not much you can do about the many distractions in the lives of your students, you can find ways to engage students so they get the most out of e-Learning. If you want to insure that your students get the most out of e-Learning, here's how:


  • Utilize interactive teaching styles that require students to be involved in what they're learning. You can do this by having mini quizzes throughout the lesson, providing a way for students to chat with each other about what they're learning, or by having polls asking your students their opinion on what they're learning about.
  • Include videos in the curriculum. Videos are a fun way to learn and are very helpful when it comes to staying on task. When watching a video, it's easy to get pulled in to what you're learning about.
  • Be sure to stress the fact that they will be tested on the material. When students know that they will be tested on the material they're learning, they have an extra incentive to pay attention. By reminding them every so often, it will move from the back of their mind to the front, making it seem more important.
  • Show a progress bar on each page or screen so students can see what they've accomplished and how much they have left. It's easy for students to get distracted when they feel like they aren't accomplishing anything. A progress bar is a good way to virtually encourage your students to keep going and stay on task.

Have you found other effective ways to keep your e-Learners engaged?

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