How to create a video presentation with iSpring Presenter

Know how to make a video presentation? First, download iSpring Presenter. Soon thereafter the iSpring Presenter tab will appear on the toolbar in PowerPoint.

Step 1. Add Video Narration

In this example, our video is going to be the main part of our presentation. To insert and synchronize your video, use iSpring’s Narration Editor. To open it, click Manage Narration on the toolbar.

Now click Import Video and select the video file. The narration will appear on the video timeline of the narration editor.

Picture 1: Add Video Narration

Tip: To insert a video narration starting on a certain slide, you need to select it within Slide Thumbnails. If the video has already been inserted or recorded, you can move it to the required slide using the video timeline.

Step 2. Synchronize Video with Slides

Now it’s time to synchronize your video with your slides. Be patient, this may take some time depending on your method of syncing your presentation.

The synchronization process is simple to accomplish. Click the Synchronize button and launch the process using the synchronization panel under the toolbar.

Picture 2: Synchronize Video with Slides

Tip: The Notes field of the Narration Editor displays the notes created in PowerPoint. You can paste the script of your video presentation into the field to make the narration recording process easier.

Step 3. Customize Your Player Template

Now we need to customize the template of our presentation. To do this, simply click Publish and click Customize to open the player customization window.

There are a number of available player templates to choose from. In this example let’s use the Online Lecture with Video template. Unneeded elements of the player can be turned off on the Layout sidebar. For example, let’s turn off the Outline and Notes panel. Here’s how the player will look:

Picture 3: Customize Your Player Template

Now we can save the template and get back to the presentation by clicking Apply&Close.

Step 4. Switch Layouts in Presentation Explorer

With iSpring Presenter you can choose a different layout for each slide. Click Presentation Explorer in the toolbar and open the explorer window. In the Layout column, select the layout from the drop-down list.

Picture 4: Switch Layouts in Presentation Explorer

The Full layout includes the slide area, side panel and navigation panel. To add emphasis to the slide, choose the No Sidebar layout enabling the Maximized Video layout to highlight your video.

Step 5. Select Format for Publishing

After you record the video and adjust the layouts, convert the video presentation into one of the Web-friendly formats. With iSpring Presenter you can convert PowerPoint to Flash, HTML5, or to the combined Flash & HTML5 format. Click Publish on the toolbar and select the required format.

Picture 5: Select Format for Publishing

Publish your presentation to Flash if it is desired to be played on desktops and laptops. To create presentations for mobile devices, choose the HTML5 format.

You can also take advantage of the combined Flash & HTML5 format that allows you to play your presentation on all platforms and devices.

Step 6. Publish Video Presentation

Before publishing the presentation, select the publishing destination. You can publish your presentation and upload it to the Internet using the Web tab on the sidebar. Specify the folder where the presentation will be saved and click Publish.

With the CD tab, you can publish the presentation to be burned to a disc later. If you have an account with iSpring Learn LMS, simply go to the iSpring Learn tab and enter your login info to publish straight to the LMS.

If you happen to use another LMS, use the LMS tab to publish your presentation as an e-Learning package. Now take a look at the Learning Course tab on the top bar. There you can fine-tune your course’s playback and scoring. Once you adjust all required settings, click Publish.

View Presentations on Mobile Devices

Thanks to iSpring Presenter, your interactive video presentations will be with you wherever you go. After you upload them online, the presentations will be ready to be played in any browser or mobile device, including tablets and smartphones.

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