Showcase: Using iSpring Suite in Language Learning

This showcase includes sample interactions and quizzes used for French language learning kindly provided by Bernard Dyer, a happy iSpring customer from the UK.


Thanksgiving Day

Everybody loves Thanksgiving Day, but how much do we know about it? Take a sample course on Thanksgiving to learn more about this holiday!


Musical Instruments

Check out this beautifully-designed presentation in Swedish and dive into the geography of music. The presentation was created in PowerPoint and converted to the Flash format with iSpring.


US Country Study

Learn more about America with a sample quiz on the US. While completing the test, check out the iSpring QuizMaker branching feature. It navigates you to an information slide if you make a mistake or takes you to the next question in case of a correct answer.


Geometry Test

Test your knowledge of geometry with this sample test. While you exercise your brains solving geometrical tasks, notice how elegantly formulas, graphs and pictures are embedded into both questions and answers. iSpring QuizMaker is now perfect for the creation of math tests.


iSpring Website Survey

Complete the iSpring Website Survey to experience iSpring QuizMaker's opportunities of creating surveys, assessments and questionnaires. The new non-graded quiz type enables you to create an unbelievably attractive and effective survey in a matter of minutes.


American Constitution

How much do you know about the Constitution of the Unites States of America? This demo-quiz was created to celebrate American Constitution Day.


111th Anniversary of Walt Disney's Birth

Walt Disney is a legend, whose name represents imagination, miracle, creation and optimism. Take the demo-quiz to learn more about him.


3D Book: Solar System

See this demo of a well-designed 3D book created in iSpring Kinetics. Experience how an interactive book can look surprisingly real by turning stylized pages filled with text and images.


Directory: American Musicians

See how information can be arranged carefully in a directory. Famous American musicians of the XIX-XX centuries are put in order in this interactive directory created with iSpring Kinetics.


Timeline: The Presidents of the United States

Find out a lot about the American Presidency by clicking through the periods in this captivating timeline interaction. Clearly see the sequence of periods of American history from 1789 to 2011 and Presidents who led the country during each period.


Columbus Day

When did Columbus discover America? Was he the first to visit the "New World"? Learn a lot from the 3D book, created to mark Columbus Day.


Learn to Craft Red Poppies

On Veterans Day, people all over the world decorate their homes and clothes with red poppies - the symbol of the day. Learn to craft red poppies from the Timeline demo.


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