High-End PowerPoint to Flash Framework

iSpring Platform

iSpring Platform is a comprehensive PowerPoint to Flash
development kit that enables you to run PowerPoint
presentations within your online richmedia solution.

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Compatible with Windows Server 2008, 2012 Office 2007, 2010, 2013

Developer Tools and Resources

  • PPT to Flash SDK for ActionScript 3
  • Presentation conversion via COM API
  • Automatic code generation with CodeBuilder
  • Code Builder User Interface
  • ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, C++, PHP, VBScript and Python samples
  • ActionScript 3 API samples
  • Custom preloader creation sample
  • Detailed programmer's guide
  • Presentation conversion via command line

Advanced Options

  • Saving and loading conversion settings
    in XML format
  • Scanning the presentation for linked
    multimedia resources
  • Customizable video objects processing

Animations and Transitions

Flash Presentation Protection

  • Password protection
  • Custom watermark
  • Time restriction
  • Allowing playback in the set domains only

Appearance & Playback

  • Keyboard controls customization
  • Animations and transitions disabling
  • Looped Flash presentation playback
  • Preloader selection
  • Multiple presenters & company logos

Output Formats

  • Flash file (.SWF)
    • Solid Flash presentation
    • Compound Flash presentation
    • Standalone Flash slides
  • Windows .EXE file - no Flash Player required
  • ZIP archive packaging

Flash Movie Programmatic Control

  • ActionScript 3 API
  • Flexible presentation and slide
    playback control
  • Playback events notifications
  • Custom player development facilities
  • Access to the presentation information
  • Sound volume control
  • Integration with JavaScript via ExternalInterface

Extensive Settings

  • Appearance control settings
  • Multimedia control settings
  • Playback control settings
  • Navigation control settings
  • Protection control settings

PowerPoint Features Support

  • PowerPoint 2013 support
  • Vector representation of standard PowerPoint objects
  • Hidden slides support
  • Custom slideshows
  • Slide notes styles
  • Right-to-Left languages
  • Slide video player controls support
  • Custom aspect ratio for slides

Slide Multimedia Support

  • H.264 video support
  • Support FLV video with transparency
  • Embedded and linked Flash movies and YouTube videos
  • AVI/WMV/MPG/MP4 video clips
  • MP3, WAV and WMA audio
  • Sounds of slide transitions and animations
  • Slide background audio
  • Presentation background audio

Quality and Compression Control

  • Option to manage audio and video compression and «Quality» parameter in percentage terms
  • "Smart" image compression
  • Lossless (PNG) and lossy (JPEG) compression
  • Optimizing images for desired screen resolution
  • Audio bitrate control
  • Video bitrate control
  • Detaching sounds, videos and Flash from presentation


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Barbara Armstrong

President, Armstrong & Associates, Inc.

“As owner and president of a medical case management company, I do a great deal of medical presentations and often times have large anatomy .jpegs. I was looking for a way to make my entire presentations smaller”

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