Incredible Value at a Reasonable Price

Unlimited users on any iSpring Learn plan. Only active users are billed.

50 Active Users

$127 / mo

$1,270 / year

$2.6 / user / month

100 Active Users

$247 / mo

$2,470 / year

$2.5 / user / month

250 Active Users

$527 / mo

$5,270 / year

$2.2 / user / month

500 Active Users

$827 / mo

$8,270 / year

$1.7 / user / month

iSpring Learn for Enterprise

Big businesses can take advantage of an enterprise plan. Contact us, and we will offer the best solution for your organization.

Live Expert Support

You get complimentary support from iSpring experts. They are always ready to help you by phone in real time.

Software Updates

iSpring Learn is updated every month. You get all updates free of charge.

Questions & Answers about Pricing

What does payment for active users mean?

With iSpring Learn you can invite and register any number of users, and pay for active users only. A user will be considered active if s/he has logged in at least once during a month.

What happens if I exceed the number of active users?

You will receive a notification about exceeding the number of users, and new users will not be able to log in.

Can I get the LMS for a custom number of users?

If the standard plan doesn′t have the required number of users, simply write to us. We will find a special solution for you.

How do I get an authoring tool?

With a purchase of iSpring Learn, you can get a subscription to iSpring Suite authoring tool at the special price of $270 a year.

Can I change plans at anytime?

Yes. Simply contact iSpring Sales at any time during the billing cycle to switch to a different plan.

Are there any government, non-profit or academic discounts?

Subscription plans for iSpring Learn don’t include any government, non-profit or academic discounts.

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